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    crop png and retain tranparency?

    lost my interest due to lack of specifics and I straight to the point answers which didn't come so I'm off elsewhere for new software....should have answered the question to capture my interest in the product but thanks for the time.
  2. ken01440

    crop png and retain tranparency?

    ya that's what I thought
  3. ken01440

    crop png and retain tranparency?

    if it says it in there I'm not seeing it.
  4. Can anyone tell me if the latest version of NXT photo editing you can crop a png file and it retains transparency? I'm using NXT2 Pro and it does not so it's very frustrating to have to use online tools for this task because any png file I crop the transparency is lost.
  5. ken01440

    Create Dvd Only Dd 2Ch Audio?

    so NXT is the last Roxio product then I guess. Was not really up on the Roxio sell out thing but did get suspicious when I loged in and a corel page came up. So Corel will not release their own version of NXT? I looked at a few products and seems to look like they just broke the software up and used bits and pieces here and there. Noit sure I'm to interested in it....hate change and getting use to something. I had DVDFab so I opted to purchase the DVD creator portion to add to my other tools...works good for what I wanted to do converting/burning mkv's to DVD
  6. I tried to ceate a few DVD's from my MKV's of original movies I have but but once complete I discovered the Dolby Digital 5.1 had been converted to stereo 2CH...say what! Going back into the software I see there is not even an option for anything other than 2CH. There's no way to keep the source DD 5.1 sound? Really? ok is it me or is this a very serious flaw that in all the software I mess with I don't know any not supporting 5.1 audio for DVD creation. Guess I'll have to use another software. I was even thinking of upgrading to NXT but if this is still a problem then I think not. Anyone?
  7. I know this is very old subject but I'm using Creator 2011 and tried to convert some of my mkv's to DVD and discovered all DD 5.1 was downgraded to 2 CH stereo..wtf? There's not even an option for anything other than a 2 CH DVD. I was considering upgrading to NXT but if this is still a problem then no way because what other software does no support more than 2 CH audio DVD creation? It's gay....a much needed fix.
  8. ken01440

    Bootable Cd?

    Well I had some real odd occurrences go on with this dvd drive so I swap out for a bran new one and the problem was partly gone. I can now make a disk bootable disk from your second option. No matter what I do though your 3rd option creates a bootcat.bin file and just copies the img file I pointed to as the boot source img over to the disk. Why is it doing that? That will not boot even with this bran new drive. ok so now I found a method that works, but it's not the method I need. I need a bootable disk to flash a bios update. Option #2 just creates a disk from your img file with no means to add other files to it. Maybe you can with a RW disk and do so after...hmmm...might try that. The 3rd option would be the easiest but as I said it creates two files and disk does not boot in two machines I've now tried.
  9. ken01440

    Bootable Cd?

    I've been using Roxio Creator for years and one thing I've not got to work in any version was making a bootable CD, always had to resort to another program. I've tried it from the 2011 main screen and now giving Creator Classic a try and neither boots....never has worked and each version I try it again and not dice. I just exhausted 3hrs experimenting and I'm convinced I just have to be doing something wrong as I know people have had luck with this. First I've downloaded a variety of iso and img files from allbootdisks.com & bootdisks.com to experiment with so In Classic I select the "Bootable Disk" option. I then point to the downloaded img file on my desktop "Windows98_SE.img". This file I retrieved from allbootdisks.com. Once the burn is complete I get two files on the disk called Bootcat.bin Windows98_SE.img So why is it copying my img file over like that? If I burn the img to CD as a normal process and not a "Bootable Disk" process I get a wealth of files I recognize as a bootable CD. Neither created disk boots at all. What am I doing wrong here? I've tried other dowloaded img files and all behave this same way. Normaly I give up by now and use another program but something I'm doing has got to be wrong...any ideas?
  10. ken01440

    Video [?] Copy And Convert Problems

    Unprotected DVD source material. Under language options all available are checked by default and I leave them alone. English, Frech, Spanish, and subtitles. It's Dolby Digital 6.1 AC3. I also use a program called 1<deleted> and this program has no trouble with the audio that VCC has. It's strange to me that after a copy with VCC no program on my computer detects the presence of audio tracks on the copied disk but somehow audio plays on the pc but not in any dvd player I tried. I couldn't even determine what type of audio track was recorded when nothing indicates the presence of audio.
  11. This happens to me also using "Video Copy & Convert". Seems any program I can find on 3 different pc's have had no problems playing back both the audio and video portion of copied DVD. If I try to then play the copied DVD on 3 different DVD players in the house I get video and no audio. Here's what I've disected. Using "Video Copy & Convert" on the original source shows mulitple language options, I left the default of all selected. After the copy is complete it plays back on the pc fine but any audio options in the program is dimmed out as if there is no other audio available. I then opened "Video Copy & Convert" as if I was about to now make a copy of the copy. Now it's showing no available audio options. Folks there is some form of audio on this copied DVD but there is no doubt that it is not a true copy of the master as options selected to do so. The program might have a work around but it's flawed and fails. How on earth this got past beta testing should be embarassing to Roxy.
  12. It seems whenever I use a background image I have to always adjust this new fill tranparency so the image is as it is intended to be. I also get a default fill color of black & 50% fill transparency...that stinks. In Label Creator 8 I just changed my back ground and print out my label. Now I always have to change the fill color and the slider for the transparency. Anyone know how I might be able to change the default? I don't want a default of 50% transparency every time I change to a new background. It's just two added annoying steps to get out a simple label that's bothering me.
  13. ken01440

    Can't capture video

    Is this card decent? I realy only want to transfer VHS material over and burn it to DVD. I did read some technical stuff on this card and 3rd party software for capture issues >>the card records directly to MPEG using onboard Hardware encoders. Most third party capture applications are looking to attach to a card or driver that supports uncompressed video recordings. Like AVI files.<< Don't know if this is the trouble but I just hate having other software that does the same thing because one of them fails to work right. The supplied v3.0 of DVD Movie Factory has now crashed twice and seems trouble also.
  14. ken01440

    Can't capture video

    I purchased a Hauppauge WinTV-PVR-150. Every time I attempt to capture in Roxio media import I get an error message stating.... Operation "Build" on CaptureManager failed I can then either select "Details" or "Ok". Details tells me..... Failed to build capture graph. Any idea what this is or means? I was rather surprised that this pci device from Hauppauge came with a program from Ulead called DVD Movie Factory v3.0. After checking out Ulead's site they're at v5.0...and the device shippped with v3.0? yikes sounded like an old model on shelf at local Circuit City. Anyway this program did capture ok...but crashed once itself. I'm using Win XP pro w/SP2 and all other updates available.
  15. ken01440

    CD-R DVD-R problems

    Sorry I wasn't specific. The ISO that I'd swear burnt fine to both media was a bootable ISO image file of Win98SE...long story why I retain that beast but It's come in handy. I didn't create it....found it along with a bunch of ISO's on one of those boot disk creation sites.