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  1. This is a wierd one. I am running EMC 10, and when prompted the other night that an upgrade was available, I took the upgrade, and ran it. However, it locked the PC up solid, so I ended up having to 'hard crash' (power switch) the PC. From that time on, every time I try to boot the PC, it begins trying to install Roxio Upgrade Manager. But it can't find a file; UM.MSI located in Documents and Settings \ Owner \ Local Settings \ TEMP \ and a folder created differently each time. I have re-run the upgrade (or attempted to), trying to get a 'matching' UM.MSI' where I can specify it during the install attempt for Roxio Upgrade Manager. The bottom line is, I cannot boot my PC without having an installation of Roxio Upgrade Manager running in the background, waiting for a file that isn't available. ROXIO, HELP. HOW CAN I JUST GET ALL OF EMC 10 OFF MY SYSTEM, and then I can re-install from the CD ? Thanks, Pat Kav