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    Backup My Pc V6 Job Storage

    Where are backup jobs stored in Roxio Backup My PC v6? I am planning to reinstall WIndows XP Home but would like to save a copy of my Backup job details. I store these as a. A full backup b. A differential backup (I open these to create the .qic files on an External Hard Drive) David
  2. davidwil

    Backup MyPC 6 Restore problem

    After some problems with my computer, Roxio BackUp MyPC does not list my external hard drive when I select the File option on the drop down list of 'Restore'. It still allows me to back up to this device. I have uninstalled and reinstalled the program without avail. I would be grateful for any suggestions. David
  3. Backup MyPC v6 (Build 600B650 - REU) Two folders are reported 'not found' after a differential backup. Both folders were on the desktop, namely: 1. Actual T189 ECA submission 2. Dummy T189 ECA submission I had previously deleted these two folders from the desktop. (They each contained a single zip file) How can I prevent these errors being reported on backup? (Neither of the folders are visible when I open the differential backup job.) David
  4. Errors are reported after a differential backup using Backup MyPC v6 (Build 600B650 - REU) I can find no way of listing the errors. The Job Report Summary lists details like 'Processed File Count' but does not mention errors. The help file says to use the 'Report Panel' to list such errors, but I have not discovered how to access this. I want to know what files were not backed up. I am using Windows XP Home. Any help appreciated. David