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  1. I am having a similar difficulty in getting Video Lab 10 to install. I get a message after the install goes through the various stages of installation that the installation was interrupted. My computer is new and uses Vista Home Premium 64bit operation system referred to above. Is there a problem with the operationg system? Is there a patch or other "work around"? Thanks,
  2. Recently purchased a new Dell Laptop (Dell Studio) with Windows Vista Home Premium 64-bit operating system. I'm installing "MyDVD Video Lab 10" using the CD. I select the default for each window and enter the code when requested (BTW, the code has either a zero ("0") or the letter O as part of the code. The installation process begins and the progress bar for several different modules begins and finishes. After several minutes, when one would expect the installation to finish, the following window message appears: "Roxio MyDVD Video Lab 10 Wizard was interrupted Roxio MyDVD Video Lab 10 was interrupted. Your system has not been modified. To install this program at a later time, please run the installation again." FYI... I successfully loaded and used the software on a Dell Desktop Deminsions 8100 running Windows XP. The laptop referenced above was purchased as a replacement for the desk top. I did not "uninstall" MyDVD from the desktop. It is currently being serviced, but I don't think this would cause the problem loading on the laptop, but I wanted to give all information. Thanks in advance for any help!