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    Photo Show6

    I have installed photoshow6 onto my Windows Vista Home Edition Toshoba P105-S6177 Laptop, and it appears to be running well. I have completed a couple of Slide Shows with Audio, Captions, and Frames, and all is fine on the replay on the Computer. However when I try to Burn a DVD Disc of the Slideshow (about 300 Photos), the Program shows that it has Processed the Photos, Processed the Audio, but when it comes to the Burn, a Message comes up,"Burn Failed". I used TDK DVD +RW Discs, and also Sony DVD + R Discs. I have also tried a Sony External Burner, using the same Discs, but I get the same Message. How do I overcome this Problem?
  2. mamill6

    Photo Show5

    Hi! I am using Windows Vista Home on my Toshiba P105-S6177 Laptop, and have installed Photo Show 5 Program. I have been using this program now for some time, but a few weeks ago, whenever I click on the Photo Show 5 Icon on the Desktop, it starts with the 1st Message showing the 4 Photos and Headed: "Photoshow 5." with Roxio in the bottom right Corner. Then the 2nd message comes onto the Screen, with the Heading, "Create & Share Photoshow", and with "Make a Photoshow" half way down. Immediately another Message, in a White Box, comes on stating "An Error has occurred. Photshow5 will Close Now.". Immediately the Program closes. This happens every time I try tp open the Program. I have un-installed and re-installed the Program several times, from the original Roxio Email, From the Start Programs and teh Desktop Icon, but with the same Result. Has anyone had this problem before, and how did you correct it?