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  1. Installed Creator NXT 6 on Windows 10 Pro. Critical Registry Key needed. Will not run! Bill W.
  2. I need help editing slide shows in EMC8, VideoWave: My slideshows are in VidioWave, V8. When editing text, I find it difficult to highlite the text when required to work with it. Secondly, when finishing the edit, all my frames are grayed out except the one I finished editing. I must then save the work (which is slower than V7.5) and open the slide show again to continue viewing and working with it. How can I avoid the save and re-open each frame I edit? Bill
  3. Anita, I have many slide shows of old genealogy pictures with text and music background generated with EMC 7.5. They are terrific! When I purchased EMC 8 disaster struck. If you are focasing on slide shows, as I am, my advice is stay with Vs. 7.5. EMC 8 is slow, doesn't recognize much of what I put together with 7.5 and adding and editing text is labor intensive, confusing, and user UNFRIENDLY. And don't expect any help from the manual which can be downloaded. It's absolutely useless. Stay with version 7.5. I paid only $50 for my Vs. 8 - so I'm not out that much. Bill