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    Someone please help me. I have BackOnTrack (version published 2007) and I purchased the software from a store. all has been working well and I dutifully renewed the licence a few days after it had expired(was on holiday when it expired). The money has been cleared through the bank(some 6 weeks ago) and yet I am receiving the message that I should renew my subsription. I have tried FOUR times to contact Roxio and they have never come back to me to resolve the issue. I am now receiving a message from Roxio BackOn Track saying"Configuration error requires reinstall). Will I lose all the backed up files if I reload the disk?
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    Burning AVCHD to standard DVD

    I have a Sony HD hard drive camcorder with AVCHD. I can build wonderful films using videowave (I am using Roxio Creator 2009 Special Edition software) and when I output to My DVD, all the material is there. However when I click to burn, the default format uses AVCHD to DVD and I start to burn the project. I see the work on the screen and several hours later when it is nearing its end an error message is received to say the DVD has failed to burn. I get round this by rebuilding the DVD using the straight DVD format. It would be good to have AVCHD as the quality is much better. Why does this not work and will the AVCHD DVD's play on SD DVD machines?
  3. I have successfully captured and built a video in VideoWave11. Playback was successful until 07/07 when I inserted a clip with which I was having difficulty as there appeared to be no native audio. Since that time (and I have removed the said clip) the video playback freezes but one can hear the native audio. Please help as I have to get this film out soonest. Should I perform a restore point or uninstall the software and start again?
  4. When I playback my material in Videowave11 (I have Roxio Creator 2009 Special Edition), I have sound playing but the video fails to playand is frozen. I think a rogue clip may have got into the system as all was working well yesterday. I have checked my graphics driver and that seems to be up to date\9\nvidea Ge Force 8600 GTS. I own a Dell XPS 420(32 bit) with a memory 1022RAM. What have I done and is it worth doing a restore point?