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    How can I download a photoshow into my computer?

    yes I do but I don't see anything for downloading. To the best of my knowledge, if you're creating your photoshow on the web then you can save it from there before clicking done. But what if for any reason you don't click on save and instead you click Done, can you download it into your computer since it's already being posted on the net?
  2. monmona

    Private or Public!

    I understand what you're saying but it was just a curious question. Thanks for your reply anyway..
  3. monmona

    Private or Public!

    I think they should set the program for the individual show. so that for certain individuals they can see it as public or for others as private.. Also I would have liked to see the option even in public that one can control the download options or not, don't you agree?
  4. monmona

    Private or Public!

    If I share one of my shows with 2 people, one of them I send it as public and the other as private, will both of them see it as I send it or as the way I set it last (private)?
  5. How can I download a photoshow that I made online, into my computer? I don't know what happened or how it only got to be saved online only and not on my computer Is there a way to download it so I can have it saved in my desktop! Thanks