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    Editing tivo files verrrrrrrrrry slow

    Thanks for the info. I had thought it was related to being 32-bit on 64-bit OS, so it is helpful to know it happened on 32-bit as well. I opened a ticket with Roxio tech support and, although responsive, they didn't really offer a solution to the problem. Nor did they acknowledge it was a bug (I requested a bug number, no luck). Their only advice was to convert the files to MPEG and then edit that. And as you have found, the conversion for some reason changes the resolution. The resulting DVD looks horrible. Unfortunately, Roxio will not refund my money for the application because it wasn't purchased directly though them. I gave up on Creator 2009 and have since moved to using VideoReDo and it works great. No slow down editing Tivo files and the resulting DVDs look great. I am very happy with VideoReDo . I just wish that the Roxio support team would take this issue more seriously because I think Creator has some nice features I would have liked to take advantage of.
  2. drsparc

    Editing tivo files verrrrrrrrrry slow

    It is a bug because it is slow to the point of hanging. I just opened a ticket with their tech support. Thanks for the tutorial link!
  3. drsparc

    Editing tivo files verrrrrrrrrry slow

    OK... then Roxio shouldn't claim to support it. But as long as they do claim to support it (which is why I bought the product), then this behavior is a bug in their product.
  4. I just bought Creator 2009 for burning my TiVo recordings to DVD as this is the product the TiVo web site suggests to use. I was very surprised by how poorly it performed. Playing the video is fine, but anything beyond that (fast forward, rewind, jump to location, trim, etc) sends the CPU up to 100% and takes a very long time... or worse hangs. I went through the suggestions and upgraded my video drivers. I have a fairly new system with a quad-core Pentium chip with lots of memory, a nice video card running Vista 64-bit, so this performance was surprising to me. Then I tried converting the file to mpeg first and editing that... wow... it works great. I don't get it... why is there a difference in how well Creator works with tivo format files VS mpeg? And if it works so badly with tivo format files, why does TiVo recommend this product?