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    No Audio

    Appreciate your very informative advice. This is proving to be quite a learning experience for me. My knowledge of all this is limited, & the learning curve seems to grow. But I'm giving it a shot. Used Disk Warrior & Disk Utility as advised, to repair & clean up whatever damage there might be on my Mac. But still no luck, nor any problems located w/ either tool. However, your comments re: the unrecognized .ac3 file pointed me in the direction to find Handbrake, a video transcoder, & MPEG Streamclip, a video converter. In TOAST video window, after conversion w/ MPEG Streamclip, it read: Video: DV/DVCPRO-NTSC, 720x480, 29.97fps Audio: 16-bit, Stereo, 4800Hz Saving as Disc Image resulted with a Roxio Converted Items file that contained: 224kBit.44kHz.P0.0-17350.D230.m1a Kind: MPEG Audio Size: 15.5 MB NTSC.352x240.11Mb.4x3.M0.H0.T1.P1.0.17350.D230.m1v Kind: MPEG-1 Video Size: 79.5 MB As you can see, there were no .ac3 nor .m2v files. In this case, the audio Kind was not plain text. However, the end result would still NOT play audio with either DVD Player or QuickTime. Both stated the media type was not supported. Tried exporting MPEG Streamclip to QuickTime, DV, AVi, but all resulted with: audio media error. Also tried saving MPEG Streamclip conversion of Final Cut Express file to .mov file, then repeated the TOAST process. But once again, NO audio in playback. Tried again, after trashing Prefs a 2nd time. This produced an audio disc image that played only white static noise. Go figure.... Handbrake's info indicates that much experimenting might result in success. It's very time consuming, but may be worth a try? Further research online has also led me to conclude the following might possibly be the problem: http://www.macintouch.com/readerreports/he.../topic3980.html Apple has disabled the audio playback ability. http://store.apple.com/us/product/D2187Z/A...NDAzOA#overview Can the QuickTime MPEG-2 Playback Component play back AC3 audio? No, MPEG-2 files containing AC3 audio cannot be played back with the QuickTime MPEG-2 Playback Component. And so it goes. What do you think? Thx again for your assistance.
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    No Audio

    Thx, tsantee. Discovered in Roxio Converted Items Folder: m1a file - 224kBit.44kHzz.P1.0-17216.BFA7. Kind: MPEG Audio file. 15.3 MB on disk. m2v file - 480x480.25Mb.4x3.M0.H0.T0.P0.0-17216.BFA7.m2v Kind: MPEG Elementary Stream 168.5 MB on disk. In previous attempt, discovered both .mv2 & .ac3 files: .ac3 file - .192kBit.48kHz.BFA7.ac3 Kind: Plain text 13.1 MB on disk. .m2v file - NTSC.720x480.80Mb.4x3.M10.H0.T0.P0.BFA7.m2v Kind: MPEG Elemntary Stream 524.2 MB on disk Could this "plain text" be the problem in the .ac3 file? Not encoded into an audio file? Could not get anything open with QuickTime, which didn't recognize them as movie file. When dragged to TOAST Video window, only the .m2v file appeared as a video, but nothing listed with audio: Video: MPEG-2, 480 x 480, 29.7 fps Audio: Attempts to play the file w/ both .ac3 & .m2v resulted in NO audio. So.... Started over in TOAST, with new project, after dumping Preference files. Results: Roxio Converted Items file now contains: .ac3 - 192kBit.48KHz.0-17216.BFA7.ac3 Kind: Plain text Size: 13.1 MB on disk .m2v - NTSC.720x480.80Mb.4x3.M6.H0.Y0.P0.0-17216.BFA7.m2v Kind: MPEG Elementary Stream Size: 491.5 MB on disk Suspect that that Plain text .ac3 file might be a clue, right? Saved as Disc Image, then mounted Disc Image. Once again it played in DVD player with NO audio. The original .mov files do play both video & audio in QuickTime. May be another process to burn these files to DVD. Sorry for this lengthy message. Thx again for your advice.
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    No Audio

    Thx very much, Tsantee. The earlier version of TOAST was 8.0. Updated to 8.0.5 as advised, & trashed previous TOAST plist + prefs files. Repeated process in updated TOAST, then Save as Disc Image, but after the final Mount Disc Image, it opened with DVD Player, but played with still NO audio. What should I do now? Hope there are more alternatives. Thx in advance.
  4. kavika

    No Audio

    Using TOAST, I cannot figure out why audio plays on video clips with Edit button on the My DVD project set-up. But once burned, or even prior to that - using Save as Disc Image, the finished product/mounted icon will not play audio. On the working project set-up, the info is: DVD-Video: My DVD.disc Video: DV/DVCPRO - NTSC, 720 x 480, 29.97 fps Audio: 16-bit, Stereo, 4800 Hz Working with: MAC PowerBook G4, Leopard OS X.10.5.7, using TOAST 8 Titanium, + Perian 1.1.3 installed already. Is this version TOAST not compatible with Leopard? Should I upgrade to TOAST 8.0.5 to resolve this problem? Would that it should be so simple. Thx very much for any advice. I am stumped!