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  1. dwbailin

    Contemplating Purchase

    Not ready for prime time. Wait. Very buggy right now.
  2. dwbailin

    Toast Titanium Pro 16 Bugs / Issues!

    I can't even get Toast 16 to load. Crashes on opening. And the download for the Blu-ray plugin shows version 11! Waiting for an answer from Tech. Version 14 worked fine. Don't they test their products? I guess we are the beta testers.
  3. dwbailin

    Toast 14 Not Working On Mac

    I use Toast 14.1 rarely but when I do I need it. So putting it in the login list would be a waste of startup time. But the load time when starting from the finder on MAC OS 10.11 is ridiculous. While on hold with Roxio chat (10-15 minutes) the program finally opened. Before that it appeared to be hung. Is there any reason for the long start up? I removed the plist and reinstalled. No difference.