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  1. I can't get through the first step of MyDVD! I have tried "capture videos," "Add videos," and "Import Files." I get the videos (MOB format) into the right side of the Import window. They are shown and can be played. I have tried everything I can think of, but I can't get these files into my untitled project. I have had the project screen indicate the size of the files, but no video files are indicated nor appear on the timeline. How do I get past the first step? Note: The help screens have been of no help to me. There are no step by step procedures that I can find. Help!!! Jack
  2. 8isGreat

    MyDVD 10 Premier

    After the second set of instructions for a "clean" install of roxio MyDVD Premier, I finally achieved a good install. Thanks Jack
  3. 8isGreat

    MyDVD 10 Premier

    WebTicket 7/29/2009 I'm sorry, but I neglected to repot that on the last install, I did receive a request for online registration of MyDVD product. Perhaps this provides useful info. Jack WebTicket 7/29/2009 I performed as told in "Clean install instructions for MyDVD......" The initial set of instructions didn't work, so I performed those under "If these steps do not work....." I deleted all Roxio/Sonic files I could find. I appeared to work, but then the PC hungup and I had to restart. When I tried to start MyDVD 10 manually, the first Roxio screen came up, disappeared after quite some time, and never returned with the second screen. I reinstalled again (for the umpteenth time) and the following ocurred: > The setup loaded. > The "Customer Information" screen appeared. I intered the data and hit NEXT. > I entered "Don't install the Google Toolbar" to the next screen and hit NEXT. > I entered NEXT on the Ready to Install screen. > The progress bar completed in the "Installing Roxio MyDVD 10 Premier" screen. > A screen appeared saying "Roxio Setup Wizard Completed." > Nothing happened after that. The program never started. > I checked Windows Task Manager. It didn't show MyDVD as active. > I checked Windows Task Manager for active Processes. It showed "Roxio_Central36.exe" as active and using 50% of the CPU????? > What's going on? I have never had so much trouble installing any other software. I have spent at least 30 hours downloading and installing this package!!! > What do I do next? Jack
  4. I have not been able to install MyDVD 10 Premier. It appears to be installing as pop up windows appear to indicate progress. However, when the "Please wait while Windows configures Roxio MyDVD 10 Premier" window appears, the progress bar stops after only two steps show.. At that time, the application shows "Not Responding" on the Windows Task Manager. I have had to restart the PC whenever this happens. I have downloaded and attempted to install this package 4 times!!! In addition, I have tried to install the backup copy I ordered with the initial download with the same result. I have received no error messages as to what's wrong. What am I to do ?????? Jack
  5. 8isGreat

    MyDVD 10 - no serial# for setup

    Brendon: My bad!!! When entering the CD-Code, I mistook an "S" for a "5". All is well. Thanks. Jack
  6. 8isGreat

    MyDVD 10 - no serial# for setup

    Brendon: Thanks for your reply. I can't make it work! I found the CD-Key and entered it to the MyDVD 10 Setup program. I did it over and over again. Each time I received an error message saying the CD-Key is invalid!!! I am quite sure that I didn't misstype. I noticed that the first set of code numbers was only 2 digits, but the last three were 5 digits. I tried adding zero fill (3 zeros) to the front and back of the three digit code. The program would not accept them either. What do I do next? Jack
  7. :(I ordered an online download and received it. As far as I can tell, the email confirmations did not contain any serial# for the downloaded MyDVD 10. They did contain an order#, a customer#, and a CD Key. When I ran the setup program it demanded a serial#. The install is not finished. What do I do now? Jack MyDVD 10