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    CD/DVD direct printing

    Slight delay in replying lol! Most HP Printers and in particular my C5280 come with Roxio Express labeler, this software is about as basic as it gets and is really just a token gesture, what they really want is for you to upgrade to Surething CD/DVD labeler. HP have a irritating habit of trying to up-sell the software they put on your PC or making you think you have software when in actuality its just a link to software that you either have to subscribe to or buy, either way there is money involved and while I don't mind paying its the way they mislead you that gets my goat. Because I am a bit more savvy re PC's I only install what I need but HP will put a load of junk onto a PC if you use the standard installation routine.
  2. darkan9el

    CD/DVD direct printing

    Yes I read that post, I tried it but it wasn't printing very well, it may have been me not inputting the info correctly, but I did double check everything. Nevertheless it spurred me on to find an alternative solution. My frustration; and more so disappointment, is at the lack of care for anyone who doesn't have an Epson printer, I find it quite Myopic of Roxio and in some way discriminatory considering the volume of other manufacturers producing direct CD printing. If Nero can do it why can't Roxio, after all this software is a seasoned ensemble. and has been around for a while now, the average joe wouldn't see much difference between the latest versions and I would have thought support for more printers would have been a priority. I know this is a small part of this suite of programs but I feel it needs addressing sooner than later. I hope ICC gets his wish but he shouldn't have too really as it should already be included. Maybe in a small way this post will start a revision of included printers and make EMC 2010 a more accessible program to other printer users. For me, for now, it has turned me off to Roxio. I'll come back to review the next release and hopefully we'll see some progress in the creative side of this suite of programs I wish you all well in your endeavours. Lee
  3. darkan9el

    CD/DVD direct printing

    lol! maybe, but when you use it anyway as part of your job its the more practical way. I got the dimensions from Nero's template as they allow custom templates to be made, but I don't need Nero or EMC10 as I use a collection of tools to do what they do I just needed to print out CD's with better control. I'm going to make a PSD file and port it to a few other file types like .eps and load it onto my website, will do that tomorrow. Easy when you know the right info, trouble is its so hard to find. Now anyone can make a CD template for the HP C5280 and possibly more of the HP Printers, there's always good comes out of bad. On my Kubuntu Linux tower I use GIMP which is an excellent program considering its freedomware and is actually very similar to photoshop. Hopefully this will help other HP C5280 users.
  4. darkan9el

    CD/DVD direct printing

    Sorted, in the end I created a template in Photoshop CS4. I now have all the control I need without having to rely on inferior software. I'm sure this can be made in other software with the sizes I give here. Create a document 130mm x 130mm Create a circle 116mm x 116mm, place it in the centre of the document (Defines the outer edge of the CD/DVD) Create another circle 40mm x 40mm and place that in the centre of the document (Defines the centre part of the CD/DVD Normal CD/DVD) Create another circle 20mm x 20mm and place that in the centre of the document (Defines the centre part of the CD/DVD Full Face CD/DVD) All you have to do now is place anything you want to print within the doughnut boundaries created by the circles. Document settings using Photoshop CS4: 250dpi 8Bit RGB Color Background: White Centre is Y: 65mm X: 65mm or you can see a bigger version here:
  5. darkan9el

    CD/DVD direct printing

    Hi Printer drivers are fine I never have trouble actually printing paper and when these programs do work the printer prints fine. Shame about C2009 would have bought it had it supported my printer, is it a technical issue why it doesn't support printers other than Epson printers when printing to CD? the reason i ask is because I can't really see any reason not to support other printers and it appears to be alienating a large section of the market; and I'm a point in case. The software that comes with the printer is at best basic, it is done to pretty much force you to upgrade to surething. I also borrowed a CD from my friend to look at Nero's Coverdesigner but that is a dead horse too as it cannot import transparent png files, they come out with a black background but I use png files a lot. might have a go at making a template in Photoshop or CorelDraw and trying to print that way, then I have total control of my graphics. I think its a shame these programs are so poor, these programs are all well overdue an overall, after all we've had print directly to cd for a while now and also Vista so they need a makeover to make them compatible with the latest x64 chips and OS'es not psuedo x64 or x86 in a x64 environment and the GUI needs loads of work, its as though this last step in producing a CD/DVD is an afterthought. I'm just going to have to learn programming and write my own software and pretty much take the business off Roxio, nero, surething and acoustica lol! Hmmm! I need tutorial CD's and 2 years PS: I'll have a go with the link settings. I'll reinstall EMC10 and let you know if it works.
  6. darkan9el

    CD/DVD direct printing

    Hi, I have an HP C5280 Printer capable of printing directly to CD. Does Creator 2009 support printing to CD with other printers other than Epson? Just uninstalled EMC 10 because it lacks this feature can't see why you can't support more than Epson printers, there transport system is pants and I ditched an Epson R300 for this reason, the HP C5280 has a far better transport system. To be honest I'm very disappointed in the poor quality of CD printing software generally and the lack of support for Vista x64, the whole thing is a total washout as far as I can see. I got close with Surething software but it kept crashing and after numerous attempts to fix it I gave up. I also tried Acoustica which wasn't bad but messy to use. I really wish I was a programmer I'd make a killing with a simple program that could just do CD printing and be compatible with most printers, I mean it can't be that hard surely regards Lee