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  1. Thanks! You are correct. Roxio online contact confirmed this for me. I think I am going to repurchase a hardcopy of EMC 9 from Craigslist,ebay,etc. If they aren't "backwards compatible" what is a current users incentive to upgrade to the newest product? I wouldn't upgrade to the newest Microsoft office if I lost the ability to read,edit all of my excel and word files.
  2. Just to clarify, what is corrupted is the MyDVD. I get an error message: the following codec(s) must be activated before using the application: MPEG-2 Click Ok to Continue or Cancel to abort. It looks like it is searching for file to install that it can't find. Anyway, if I get 2009, will MyDVD from creator 2009 burn .dmsm files created in Easy Media Creator 9 to DVD? Will videowave in creator 2009 edit .dmsm files created in emc 9?
  3. I have Easy Creatory 9 that I purchased via download. The software is corrupted and I can't burn things I created in videowave to dvd. If I purchase creator 2009 will I be able to burn these old files to disc and have them play on a DVD? If I decide to purchase creator 2009 this time I will pay for the disc and not just download it. If I decide to edit my old files will Creator 2009 be able to edit an easy creator 9 file?