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    Copy Music From Audio Cassettes?

    No, the newer iMacs do not have audio input jacks. Here's the link to Apple's technical description of my model: http://support.apple.com/kb/SP688?viewlocale=en_US&locale=en_US We have installed Windows on this iMac. I will see if I can download Roxio's Windows software, and try again that way.
  2. I've used Easy VHS for Mac to digitize dozens of video tapes. Now I want to digitize my old collection of music audio cassettes. This seemed straight forward. I connected my audio tape deck to the Roxio USB converter, and used Easy VHS v1.0.5 on my iMac. During recording the music through the iMac speakers sounds normal, BUT on playback in iMovie or QuickTime, the music is messed up: sort of sped up, but in a weird way. In iMovie I slowed playback to 1/2 speed, but that was too slow. Should I be able to record music from audio cassettes? What are the likely problems? If this is not possible, can someone suggest alternative ways to do this? [system: 27" iMac, Late 2013; 3.5GHz; 24GB RAM; 3TB storage; Yosemite 10.10.2]
  3. fastdude

    Toast 10.0.7 Fails!

    You are correct. I can burn to single-layer DVDs in UDF format, but it still rejects double-layer disks. My conclusion is the Super Drive in this PB-G4 can't write to double-layer. No point in beating a dead horse. At least we have an Intel Mac also. Thanks for your info and suggestions!.
  4. fastdude

    Toast 10.0.7 Fails!

    Deleted the plist & prefs, as you suggested. Now Toast will read blank CDs and write to them. But not blank DVDs, single or double layers. For example, I inserted a Dl disc and Toast read it as having a 7.96GB capacity. I dragged a 4.18GB VIDEO_TS folder into Toast, and it set it up in the usual way. But, if just move a mouse, it seems to cause it to just quit, with no warning. Tell me this doesn't happen with an Intel iMac. Which I will try when I get home.
  5. fastdude

    Toast 10.0.7 Fails!

    (PowerBook G4: 2GB RAM, SuperDrive, OS 10.5.8) Been using Toast for years. Was burning some DVDs with 10.0.6 a few days ago and noticed that I apparently could't burn to double layer disks (8.5GB). As it appeared that 10.0.7 expanded the profile to allow this, I did the 412MB download and installation. I did get that permissions problem, so I deleted the 10.0.6 App folder, then installed. The app now QUITS if I insert a disk: DVD-R or DVD-R-DL! There is no error message; just poof and it's gone. Thinking there was an installation problem, I deleted everything and re-downloaded and installed. THEN I repaired Permissions, rebooted, zapped the PRAM, and started Toast as the only app running. SAME problem! Need suggestions ASAP. Can I at least download 10.0.6 and use it?
  6. fastdude

    Weird Toast 10 Pro - related problem...maybe

    Yup. A complete shutdown did the trick!
  7. This is strange, but it's exactly what happened yesterday: I've got a PowerBook G4, 2GB RAM, running OS 10.5.7, with all additional Apple updates current. The DVD/CD drives functioned nominally. I had just burned a DVD on Monday (today is Thursday). I had had Toast Titanium installed for a few months, and decided to go for Toast 10 Pro. Following the upgrade directions from Roxio, I deleted the existing Toast-Ti app, rebooted, then downloaded and installed Toast 10 again, followed by all the good stuff that comes with the Pro package. No error messages during installation, and Toast Titanium resides in the Toast folder as a 676.9MB icon. So, I launch Toast Ti....... and it does not appear. Oh, Command-Tab shows it is an active app, but it's not there. Curious about this, I try to pop in a blank DVD, thinking it might bring Toast to life, but the DRIVE ITSELF DOESN'T WORK. It doesn't whir or grab the disk, or nothing. So I try a commercial movie DVD: same thing. A disk cannot be inserted. Under the Apple menu I went to "About this Mac" and looked at the hardware details. For "Disk Burning" I get this message: "No burning device was found. If you are using an external device please make sure that it is connected and powered properly." Is this just coincidence? Is it likely that my disk drive died, or did I do something with the software that caused the disk drive to become invisible to the rest of the OS?