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    PAL / NTSC

    Hey I wanted to thank you for getting me through the conversion process with my avi files. They seem to be working in the dvd player this time. I have ran into something similar with the PAL format. Apparently I have an avi file that is in PAL because when I went to burn in toast it said I have a mix of each format. The only thing is I don't know how to tell what file is in the PAL format. All the files play in Quicktime though. Is this something that I will have to track down and convert or is it not even possible to convert it? Would it be ok if I just burnt the dvd with toast even though it is telling me about have the two different formats on one disc? Well i just tried to convert the avi files to dvd and save it as a disk image and got an error. Result code= -208 Couldn't complete last command because of mac os error Anyone ever heard of this?
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    AVI to DVD

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    AVI to DVD

    I am wanting to be able to burn an avi file about 700 mb to a dvd that I can watch on my dvd player. When I try to add the file to toast it says one movie is going to take over 4gigs? I haven't had a mac for very long and used to burn avi files to dvd all the time on my pc using convert x to dvd. I could burn 3-4 files of 700mb on one disc. Anyone have any suggestions. I would really like to be able to watch my movies from a DVD and it would be nice to be able to fit more than one file on a DVD.