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  1. I'm the new guy, after i paid almost $22 for this program and 3 days of trying to make it work, i need help. When i put all my pics the way i want it in photo story 3 and add music plus transitions in the right place i choose dvd and sonic takes over to convert files, i wait almost 2 hrs and it finally kicks out the dvd disc, i'm thinking it's done, so i put dvd disc in my dvd player and, well, the photo story starts freezing in spots, music sounds like it's in a cave with echo and i see these little digital spots on the photo story. I tried unstalling and restalling both photo story 3 and the same with sonic dvd for photo story 3, still the same problem. Can this be fixed and if not how to go by getting my money back since i can't talk to a real person without paying $1.90 per minute for to fix their problem with their program?