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    Audio/Video Don't Sync

    K but any of those versions support AC3 Audio right? thx for your help.
  2. Turtlepower

    Audio/Video Don't Sync

    Thanks. What do u suggest is the best software to upgrade to. Roxio Creator 2009? Roxio Creator 2010? Roxio Easy Media Creator 9? etc.
  3. Turtlepower

    Audio/Video Don't Sync

    I have Roxio Creator & MyDVD 9.0 DE. It came installed on my computer and i have a CD for it.
  4. Turtlepower

    Audio/Video Don't Sync

    Well when i try to burn the DVD NTSC converted file it tells me AC3 is not supported in this version please upgrade. Audio will be replace by silence. Oh k so fit to disc is the worst huh good to know. So can you go over the step and programs i would need to burn a overlong DVD. How to burn it to an ISO etc. and so forth.
  5. Turtlepower

    Audio/Video Don't Sync

    What should i be converting the AVI files to then? I used to convert them to DVD NTSC but then Roxio doesnt use AC3 Audio. WMV has worked the best for me when burning DVD's. Oh k so only 60min of the video on the standard 4.7gb dvd use the best quality so thats why prob after like 60 the audio and video get out of sync. I burned a few movies that are like 90 min+. But when i burn With Roxio i select Fit to disc should i select something else? Thanks for the reply as well
  6. Turtlepower

    Audio/Video Don't Sync

    Good Afternoon, I've been using Roxio 2009 for 2 years now and never had a problem burning movies etc. I convert AVI files to WMV using Any Video Converter. I then preview them in Windows Media Player to check to Audio and Video Sync. and they match up. I then burn them to a DVD using Roxio. I then try to burned DVD on my DVD player, the movie plays fine till like 40min in, then the lip sync gets messed up. This has happened for any movie i have tried to burn in the last week any suggestions? Would be greatly appreciated Thanks. I also tried using Windows DVD Maker and the same problem happens.
  7. Turtlepower

    Computer restarts when trying to burn a DVD

    Thx for the help but i figured it out i upgraded some drivers the other day with Uniblue DriverScanner and just undid the last update i did and its fine now!!
  8. How you doing? I have a problem with my Roxio using the QuickDVD, I have been using this for the past yr with no problem and now i try to burn a dvd and the computer just restarts on me everytime i try to burn a dvd. i have reinstalled Roxio and the problem is still occuring. Can anyone help me?