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  1. I am using "Business Edition Version 7" of Sonic RecordNow, which was pre-installed on my IBM laptop as "IBM RecordNow". I'm running XP Professional. According to the help files, I can set certain options and add CD text when creating a music CD by selecting a track in the "Music To Burn" area, and then clicking the "CD Properties" button. However, I am unable to find a CD Properties button anywhere on the screen. I can change the name of a track by selecting it and hitting F2, but can't make any other change. What am I doing wrong or overlooking? Thank you & best regards, Bill Denning
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    Brendon, Unfortunately, right clicking on the track name in the Music To Burn area has no effect. So perhaps Lynn is right, and the feature isn't included in the OEM version that IBM put on my laptop. I kind of doubt that IBM would give any kind of support for a product that's 3+ years old, as even the extended hardware warranty that I bought has now expired. Roxio support wouldn't answer my question, saying I should upgrade to new software, which I don't want to do, because version 7 of RecordNow works just fine, except for not being able to add CD text. Thanks for your help, Bill