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    Problems with dvd playback

    I have another problem, The myDVD burn process goes all the way and then at the very end gives the message "Button Command is not supported. Error while writing format." Any tips?
  2. jalsevac

    Problems with dvd playback

    Well I wasn't really sure where to get help. I was using MyDVD to burn so that was why I decided to post here I used Premier because I did not have C2009 at that time, but bought it only after creating my video files. I believe I used hi def quality when exporting it to a dvd-format file which was the mpg file
  3. jalsevac

    Problems with dvd playback

    I have the Roxio Creator 2009 suite For Adobe Premier I clicked the function to export to Encore and create movie without menus and I got an mpg file For MyDVD I selected HighQuality..
  4. I created an mpg video file using Adobe Premier Pro CS3 and this worked fine I imported the video to Roxio MyDVD to create a dvd and went about creating things like menus and chapters and such. I went on the burn the dvd and that went through. My problem: When I play it back on either my dvd player(tv) or pc, the video seems to have a laggy/ not smooth motion Not really sure what to do.... any tips ? Question: Does MyDVD let the user burn in HD?
  5. jalsevac

    Premier Elements Vs Mydvd

    i am currently using Adobe Premier Pro CS3 for video editing and MyDVD for burning the dvds. just to let you know, you really cant burn dvds using Premier, and MyDVD doesnt allow you (as far as I know; Im a noob with MyDVD) to edit videos i would say get the Adobe CS3 suite much more professional... hope that helps