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  1. We purchased it online from the Sonic Solutions web site and we are using Easy Media Creator 9 with the latest updates. While editing the video, we are using Edit Video-Advanced on Video Wave. We tried saving the final project in AVI and MPG. AVI comes up okay with sound but not the same quality as MPG. MPG has better quality but no sound is coming through. Thanks again for your help. Jim
  2. I download a video clip from online. I then open them in Roxio to edit out the commercials. When I preview the edited clip in Roxio, everything is fine. When I save/output the file as an MPG, I lose the sound. If I save as an AVI or DIVX AVI, I get sound. I have all of the updates installed. I'm also running this on a Vaio and Vista Home Premium. Over 3GB RAM and 1TB of storage. Hope this is enough. Thanks again. Jim
  3. After editing a file, everything is fine until I try to open the finished file in Windows Media Player. At that time, I have no sound. Any suggestions? Thanks Jim By the way, I do get sound while editing in Roxio and the file does have sound prior to editing. If I open any other file in Windows Media Player, there are no problems, only when I try to play a finished project from Roxio.