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    Interface Error -32030

    I created an image as you suggested via Toast and it burned OK. David
  2. kd4ko

    Interface Error -32030

    Thanks for your reply. I will do as you suggested. I find it strange though, that Apple's software will burn disk OK, but not Toast. David
  3. kd4ko

    Interface Error -32030

    My Pioneer, internal DVD drive stopped ejecting disks. I replaced it with Apple's Matshita drive. It burns disks OK with Apple's software but not with Toast. I keep getting "Interface Error -32030, the Connection is Not Stable". Ruins a disk every time! Roxio seems to think it is a problem with Apple's firmware. According to the System Profiler, the firmware Revision is D809. Any help would be greatly appreciated. David
  4. Toast 8 suddenly started giving me this error "Interface Error -32030, the connection isnot stable". I reloaded Toast and did upgrade. It worked for a few burns & then started again. This occurs on both internal & external drives. I have to resort to using iDVD to burn disks. System is: 10.6.3 David
  5. Last month I recorded a series of twenty one lectures to iMovie HD and burned many copies of each to an external DVD recorder using Toast 8 with no problem. Now when I use the same procedure (drag iMovie icon to Toast) and burn, the DVD plays OK with iMac's DVD player but is not recognized by player in living room but it will play all of the previous 21 lectures. The reason I use an external DVD drive is because the internal Pioneer drive (DVR-K06BP) will not eject disks any longer. David
  6. kd4ko

    Won't burn DVD+R's

    Worked like a charm! Thank you.
  7. kd4ko

    Won't burn DVD+R's

    For some reason Toast 8 will not burn my + R DVD's. Works OK with – R DVD's. Apple iDVD burns both. Also, is there a way to retain the intro theme I created with idvd? I use the image file created with iDVD but Toast bypasses the theme. David