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    File Order On Disc

    Thanks for the info... Can I sort the files out by any method other than assigning them a number/letter at the start of the name file?
  2. crackerjack499

    File Order On Disc

    I am using Creator Classic 8 to burn data discs with mpeg video files named by date. I am trying to get the files in order by the date name, not by alphabetical order. I can not change the order of the files in the data disc project box before burning. Any suggestions are appreciated. Ian
  3. crackerjack499

    Text Box Troubles

    I have recently upgraded to Creator 8. 1. I am now getting a problem when editing the text in one text box the other text boxes on the label display the new text. The only way I have figured around this problem is to keep creating a new text box for each list. (My labels contain similar information from label to label and I just want to change some of the text) 2. When I have 3 or more rows of text in a text box I have an uneven spacing problem between the rows. any suggestions are appreciated Ian
  4. crackerjack499

    Out Of Memory

    I am trying to open existing labels but I keep getting the error message in RxLabel Creator "out of memory" I tried rebooting, same message. Is there a place where label memory is stored. I havve lots of space on hard drives anr 512 RAM? Any suggestions are appreciated. Ian
  5. crackerjack499

    Label Creator: Writing In Text Boxes

    Control Enter will take you to the next line
  6. crackerjack499

    Printing On Cd's

    Hi, I had the same problem with my Epson R 300, I found setting the printer to: Manual feed CD/DVD Best Photo A4 paper and the roxio at Print to disc to work just fine. Good Luck Ian