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    Blu-Ray audio but no video

    Hi. I have an iMac (intel) with iMovie 09, with Toast 10 Titanium Pro, and an external LG Blu-ray burner. AVCHD Video from camcorder into iMovie - OK and can burn to either the iMac or LG burner as DVD. The LG appears to burn Blu-ray disc from Toast - Blu-ray video but when I try to play on my Panasonic Blu-ray player to TV all I get is the menu then audio but no video. If I press the skip or forward button on the player the video (picture) appears for a few seconds. I have installed the HD-BD plug in that came with Toast 10 Pro, in fact I installed via the iMac and LG drive. Any help appreciated.
  2. Angus21

    Toast 10 Titanium Pro and Fotomagico

    Hi. Thanks for your reply. The Toast edition of Fotomagico is version 2.6.2 and the "Export (sharing)" doesn't have any sub menu. Perhaps I need to update to the Fotomagico version 3 (pro). I was hoping that it was just something that I had done wrong seeing as the Toast 10 Titanium Pro website and box states with reference to Fotomagico "Create truly specatular HD slideshows". Anyway many thanks.
  3. Angus21

    Toast 10 Titanium Pro and Fotomagico

    Hi I use an imac (intel) and have just tried using Fotomagico included with Toast 10 Titanium Pro for a slideshow. (1). After creating the slideshow in Fotomagico (TV - HD (1080) and dragging the photos in then export as HD - size 1080p etc (2). Used Toast - Video - Blu-ray and "Add" I found that the slideshow wouldn't transfer, just a message saying "-----.fms is an unsupported format and cannot be imported". Any reason why this is happening? I thought that Toast supported Fotomagico --"Create truly spectacular HD slideshows". Thanks.