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  1. ogdens

    When an update after Apple update ?

    I moved your post from the Windows VHS forum (were you had posted) to the Mac version.
  2. ogdens

    No display capture

    Do you get a "No Signal" on your screen....? if so what color is it.?
  3. ogdens

    VHS to DVD Software

    This should get your program back.....
  4. ogdens

    Component works but HDMI does not (any more)

    Do you get any signals on your TV? ( Gamecap to Roxio HDMI IN - TV to Roxio HDMI OUT)
  5. ogdens

    Component works but HDMI does not (any more)

    Lets start with some basic stuff. First....It appears it works OK when using a Component signal source fine, is this correct? If so, try using a different HDMI source, like a DVD player/HDMI out from your computer.
  6. ogdens

    Chapter Tiles on Menu are blank

    John In your subject heading "Chapter Tiles on Menu are Blank", is this a typo and you mean "Chapter Titles".
  7. ogdens

    Problème composent

    Haven't got a clue what you are doing!. Tried to translate from French to English....that was no help, sorry.
  8. ogdens

    Roxio/Corel support problems

    Here is Roxio's refund site http://shop.roxio.com/store/sonic/html/pbPage.en-returns-cancellations#q3
  9. ogdens

    Can't burn blu-ray Mojave

    FYI Go to the Search (top right) and type in Mojave....sorry its not good news.
  10. ogdens

    Audio Capture

    Two more to check
  11. I am not sure what you are encountering is normal in win 10, I have Win 7 and it is entirely different. Hopefully another fellow user will drop in and help.
  12. "Just an aside, when I look at "Bluetooth or other devices" or "devices and printers" within Windows 10 I only see "roxio video capture USB" as an audio device. Is that correct? " Are you seeing this as well as the 2 devices in " sound video and game controllers" .
  13. You have got the right drivers,so tell us how you have got your VCR hooked up to your capture device...details. User guide https://www.roxio.com/static/roxio/docs/guides/gsg/VHStoDVD3/Easy_VHS_to_DVD_GSG_ENU.pdf
  14. With the USB device plugged in open device manager, expand sound video and game controllers. Should show the two drivers like the pic below. If you show a 'other devices' entry that may be a problem .
  15. Make sure to install the software before you plug in the capture device.