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  1. ogdens

    can not capture sound

    Google Sound Blaster Audigy FX in Win 10 to find out if your Sound Card is selected. Also look at this post https://forums.support.roxio.com/topic/124054-audio-capture/
  2. ogdens

    Playback Slow

    How about some more information....maybe a step by step of what your doing...details, details.
  3. ogdens

    Gamecap HD Pro Nintendo Switch

    Running out of ideas, maybe something will help...have a look at this one....
  4. ogdens

    Gamecap HD Pro Nintendo Switch

    The good news is the Roxio is working fine, try some different settings in the Switch, "TV Resolutions" section.
  5. ogdens

    Gamecap HD Pro Nintendo Switch

    Red no signal indicates that the Roxio device is being recognized properly but it is not receiving a HDMI signal from your Switch device. As a quick test, try another source of HDMI signal (DVD player) eg. What do you have the TV option set too on the Switch?
  6. Does the tape your having problems with play ok in your VCR.? Try another tape or two. Some users have found that the EVD is very sensitive to any interrupt or 'noise' on a tape. When it sees that, it sees it as end of tape and stops. Try using the Record - Edit - Save part of the program instead of the Record DVD. (reason? one glitch and you lose a dvd)
  7. ogdens

    Toast 18 Pro and Mac OS Catalina Firts Bug.

    Kurt FYI This site is used by fellow users, just like you. Roxio/Corel do not have any presence in this forum .
  8. ogdens

    Video not connected

    Tell us "exactly" how you have got everything connected?.... to what, with what!
  9. ogdens

    When an update after Apple update ?

    I moved your post from the Windows VHS forum (were you had posted) to the Mac version.
  10. ogdens

    No display capture

    Do you get a "No Signal" on your screen....? if so what color is it.?
  11. ogdens

    VHS to DVD Software

    This should get your program back.....
  12. ogdens

    Component works but HDMI does not (any more)

    Do you get any signals on your TV? ( Gamecap to Roxio HDMI IN - TV to Roxio HDMI OUT)
  13. ogdens

    Component works but HDMI does not (any more)

    Lets start with some basic stuff. First....It appears it works OK when using a Component signal source fine, is this correct? If so, try using a different HDMI source, like a DVD player/HDMI out from your computer.
  14. ogdens

    Chapter Tiles on Menu are blank

    John In your subject heading "Chapter Tiles on Menu are Blank", is this a typo and you mean "Chapter Titles".
  15. ogdens

    Problème composent

    Haven't got a clue what you are doing!. Tried to translate from French to English....that was no help, sorry.