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  1. ogdens

    Installation Key Error

    Go to Support (link) and ask them to re-set your key .
  2. ogdens


    Try using another input, try using a VCR as a test, instead of your old tape.
  3. ogdens

    Video capture troubleshooting

    DUH, how did I miss that.
  4. Try using the Composite connection, instead of the S-Video as a test.
  5. ogdens

    Difference between 6 and 7

    This may help https://www.roxio.com/en/upgrade-center/creator/
  6. Trump put a Hex on your RGC unit.
  7. You cant hook up a HDMI cable from your Computer?. DVD player less than $25 @ Walmart.
  8. Go into your Xbox ONE display settings and manually set it for either 1080i or 720p output (auto-detect doesn't work properly with the RGC HD Pro). Manually setting the output to 720 or 1080 should override the auto-detect. or Borrow a DVD player or Blue Ray player from a neighbor,fellow worker,relative, HDMI output from your computer.
  9. The "red no signal" means the RGC Device is not seeing a valid signal from your Xbox One . In your Xbox settings make sure you have the Output set to a specific value 1080i/720p, and not left to 'auto sense'. As a quick test, do you have anything else around with an HDMI signal output (DVD player/computer HDMI out). You can use that to prove the RGC is ok
  10. You will have to contact Support, they are the only ones that can help you. We are just fellow users on here and dont have any access for resets. Support: https://www.roxio.com/en/support/?rTrack=m_sup_home
  11. ogdens

    The Support

    Sorry, I'm out of ideas.
  12. ogdens

    The Support

    It is normal to have 2-3 seconds delay from the action on your TV to the display on your computer screen. The delay is added in the Roxio capture card. so by using the HDMI splitter setup you are bypassing the card.
  13. ogdens

    The Support

    Try this.....First, you will need a HDMI Splitter https://www.amazon.com/ZY-Female-Splitter-Adapter-Support/dp/B019C9UQTO and 2 hdmi cables. 1 - Connect the splitter to the input of your PS4. 2 - Connect one of the HDMI cables to the output of the splitter to the RGC HD Pro unit. 3 -Connect the other HDMI cable output of the splitter to your TV. Now keep your fingers crossed.
  14. ogdens

    The Support

    Just found a old note on this problem.....will get back to you tomorrow.
  15. ogdens

    The Support

    Roxio have said many times there is delay https://support.corel.com/hc/en-us/articles/216145758-There-is-a-delay-between-what-s-on-TV-and-what-s-in-the-preview-in-Roxio-Game-Capture-HD-PRO-software Sorry.