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  1. See if this helps Getting Started with PlayStation 3
  2. ogdens

    Help Me Setting Up The Ps3

    Your welcome :)
  3. ogdens

    Help Me Setting Up The Ps3

    Wrong!!!!!!! The PS3 has 2 OUTPUTS hdmi & component. You are using the Component output to the Roxio unit so the PS3 has to be set to that OUTPUT. As shown in post #19 . Look at this video again http://www.youtube.com/embed/eXy1G_7XBgo?&hl=nb_NO&fs=1&autoplay=1 As already stated the PS3 only works with a Component cable as the HDMI cable has HDCP protection that the Roxio detects.
  4. ogdens

    Help Me Setting Up The Ps3

    Make sure you change the settings in your PS3 to Component/D-Terminal when using the component cable!
  5. The RGC device is not being seen by the PC!!!!!! Try a different USB cable. Try another USB port on your PC, preferably on the back. Open your Device Manager (Sound and Video Controller) Plug & Unplug the device and see what entries show up. Make sure that there are not any error symbols anywhere in Device Manager?
  6. ogdens

    Help Me Setting Up The Ps3

    You will need this cable from your PS3 to the Roxio unit. Cable information
  7. ogdens

    Roxio Gamecap Hd Pro No Cd Drive

    Download the Sp2 update here. Download Service Pack 2.0 It is the whole program, save the download to your PC then run it and enter your CD Key.
  8. Go here http://forums.support.roxio.com/topic/121536-burning-cd-disc-at-once/ and read post #4.
  9. ogdens

    Vhs To Dvd 3 Plus Wil Not Activate

    Where did you buy the software? It has to be activated at the Point of Sale?
  10. ogdens


    Please confirm the version you have....... Easy VHS to DVD or Easy VHS to DVD 3 ?.
  11. ogdens

    Lost My Cd Key

    Download the SP2 update here (link). It's the full package. Use your registered key.
  12. Ryan Awhile back when we trying different fixes for your problem you borrowed your parents VCR. You could try installing your VHS to DVD program on your parents computer (assuming they have a Mac) and use their VCR to test with.
  13. Go to step 2 here http://forums.support.roxio.com/topic/88069-roxio-game-capture-lost-cd-or-lost-cd-key-procedure/
  14. Do commercial DVD's play ok in your "older dvd"?.
  15. Go to the 2nd pinned post here: http://forums.support.roxio.com/forum/341-capture/
  16. Welcome back Ryan.....I cant hear any noise period, all through the YMCA bit and during the pause. Lets see what Dave D-W hears. Tony
  17. Did you try the other method "Create Music Disc Projects" that was suggested in post #4?.
  18. ogdens

    Does Not Save Recording

    This been asked in this forum many time's. Go into the Search (top right on this page), you will get lots of hits.
  19. ogdens

    Nz Earthquake

    So glad to hear your OK. best regards Tony
  20. ogdens

    Ready But Black Screen On Preview And Tv

    Ok.....get back on here if you still need help.
  21. ogdens

    Ready But Black Screen On Preview And Tv

    PS3 can only connect to the RGC via Component! When the RGC has Component Input it can output as either HDMI or Componen Go to this link for directions on how to set up when using PS3.
  22. ogdens

    Intermitten Breaks In The Sound

    Does the tape play ok when connected directly to your TV?.
  23. ogdens

    Not Recording Full Video

    EVD is very sensitive to any interrupts/bad spots/skips/'noise on a tape. When it sees that, it sees it as end of tape and stops.
  24. ogdens

    Stuck Encoding On Sierra

    No one on this user forum, would have the answer for you. Only Corel/ Roxio knows whether or not there will be any updates/fixes.
  25. ogdens

    Recording Stops At 'gap' In Tape

    Re read post #4, it gives a suggestion for a possible fix, but if rewinding works for you, go for it.