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  1. Version 6 does not support Dual Layer
  2. ogdens

    Trouble Updating Ecdc 6

    The Basic that came with your new computer is an OEM Basic version (the word Basic means just that). The one on your old computer is probably the Platinum retail version which has all the bells and whistles included in it. The update wont give you any more features than you have already got. OEM versions vary from one OEM to the next, but generally speaking they are pretty basic.
  3. http://forums.support.roxio.com/index.php?showtopic=125
  4. If what Lynn has advised doesn,t work here is some further info: An OEM is usually a version that a large computer manufacturer buys and installs to sell preinstalled on their computer (sometimes they may add features that are only available in the full retail Platinum eddition) The computer buyer gets a copy of the preinstalled software in case they have to reinstall it on their computer. For example, if the files get corrupt or the hard drive has to be reformatted, that computer user needs a copy of the software to reinstall the software that came with the computer. OEM means Original Equipment Manufacturer. Some OEM, versions come with CD burners. These "Basic" versions vary and are customized to fit the contract of the OEM purchaser. Likewise, ALL support comes from your OEM provider and not from Roxio. Contact your OEM provider and see what they have to say
  5. ogdens

    Unable To Use Roxio Disc Copier

    Try uninstall/re-install Go into your add/remove programs and remove Roxio.......then use this Roxio utility called Roxizap that you can use to remove all remnants of Roxio/Adaptec software for you. Caution, I understand it may also remove registry entries for GoBack, so if you have that installed, uninstall it first, then re-install after running roxizap. You can get roxizap here http://tools.roxio.com/support/tools/roxizap.exe Then re-install from your installation disc. If you require any updates they are on the left of this page (Software Updates) make sure you apply the correct one, Basic or Platinum.
  6. The foreign language additions are provided by localizer files the foreign language updater puts in each folder. If ECDC sees these files, it uses them. Uninstall doesn't delete the localizer files, so the next install sees them and uses them and you're still in the foreign language. Find and rename all .LOC files you can find in your hard drive to .ORI (original) or something other than .LOC - that should fix the problem. There might be up to 15 or so of them in a full installation. You can delete those files once you're sure they aren't needed by anything else. You might find there's a menu page in Direct CD that's still in the foreign language. Sorry, the only way you can change that one is to apply an English updater.