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    Red No Signal, please help!

    When you were using the Satellite HDMI output were you getting a good signal on your TV?.
  2. ogdens

    Red No Signal, please help!

    As a quick test, do you have anything else around with an HDMI signal output (DVD player). You can use that to prove the RGC is ok.
  3. ogdens

    Red No Signal, please help!

    The "red no signal" means the RGC Device is not seeing a valid signal from your Xbox 360 . In your Xbox settings make sure you have the Output set to a specific value 1080i/720p, and not left to 'auto sense'.
  4. ogdens

    capture ps4

    Try turning the PS4 HDCP off and see if that helps.
  5. It is a add on for browsers, https://get.adobe.com/flashplayer/ Uncheck the optional offers, you don't want them.
  6. ogdens


    Try this.
  7. As a test.......plug your camcorder into your TV and see if you get the same problem.
  8. The Dynex TV you have does not have any video OUTPUT jacks, so obviously there will be no OUTPUT. As a test, try using your Polaroid TV/DVD/VHS unit.
  9. You may not need a "splitter" you new TV may have the correct input. Your TV probably has a shared component and composite video input Need the make and model # of you new TV?. Here is an example of a shared jack:
  10. What is the make and model # of your new TV?.
  11. ogdens

    Roxio Audio Issues

    See if this Video helps
  12. ogdens

    Roxio Audio Issues

    Is this how you are set up
  13. ogdens

    Roxio Audio Issues

    Tell us how you have got your Game device connected to the Roxio capture card.
  14. ogdens

    email and upload shows

    No...have a look at these 2 posts....
  15. ogdens

    Video Wave Audio "Fuzzy"

    Scott Did you try the 2 tests that Jim_Hardin suggested in his post on May 14?.
  16. ogdens

    SP2 will not install

  17. ogdens

    SP2 will not install

    The 55H made it to Canada.
  18. Before you start recording..... fast forward and rewind the tape completely to re-tension the spools. The beginning of the tape will usually have problems as thats the exposed end.
  19. Contact Roxio Support, they are the only ones that can help you. http://www.roxio.com/enu/support/default.html?rTrack=m_sup_home
  20. ogdens

    Flickery Video

    Whats it like if you just have the RGC connected and nothing else running on your computer?. FYI Roxio can only record in Standard Definition (720 X 480) Makes no difference what you send it.
  21. ogdens

    Burning Problem

    How a bout some more information....maybe a step by step of what your doing...details, details.
  22. ogdens

    No Signal.

    When you ran the repair mode was the capture card USB plugged in ?. If it was, re run the repair again with it unplugged.
  23. ogdens

    Help Me

    Yes Go here for setup guide http://img.roxio.com/guides/products/gamecapture/hdpro/rgchdpro_qsg_en.pdf
  24. Read post #2 in here http://forums.support.roxio.com/topic/122461-very-disappointed-in-your-products/
  25. ogdens

    Recording Audio Stops Will Recording

    See if this is any help, File-Preferences - Normalize Audio.