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  1. Go the top of this page and click on Support.
  2. Did you try the suggestion in Post #2 by Brendon.
  3. Did you register it on Roxio's website? If so go here and recover your Product Key from your account details. Look at Post #6. http://forums.support.roxio.com/topic/122266-where-do-you-find-the-key-for-roxio-capture-car/ \\
  4. ogdens

    Add Effects

    Have a look at this http://forums.support.roxio.com/topic/91732-editing-my-videos/?gopid=461028#entry461028
  5. ogdens

    Roxio Hd Pro Green No Signal

    The green 'No Signal" means the RGC Device is not recognized by your PC. Open your Device Manager (Win-Pause - Device Manager- Sound and Video Controller), Plug & Unplug the capture device and see what entries show up.
  6. Also, when you attempt to install it do NOT have the Capture Device plugged in.
  7. ogdens

    Halp Plz

    Try this first: First thing to do is to turn off your Anti Virus, Firewalls, Registry Cleaners, etc. Unplug your RGC Device and put it aside until you are completely finished. Now insert your Roxio Disc. When you reach the screen where Repair is offered, choose that! When the Repair completes, turn your AV & Firewall back on and reboot
  8. ogdens

    Toast 15.1 Still Not Compatible With Sierra 10.12.1

    KeeDa Roxio has very little presence on this forum. We are just fellow users like you. Go here http://shop.roxio.com/store/sonic/html/pbPage.en-returns-cancellations#q3 and get a refund.
  9. The Toast 18 Titanium/Pro listing has “New!” on some lines. Those indicate what has changed since V15. Sorry ,pretty well the same answer you got last year for V14 to 15.
  10. Go here https://www.amazon.com/Roxio-Easy-DVD-Creator-Version/dp/B001111LJQ/ref=pd_lpo_sbs_65_t_1?_encoding=UTF8&psc=1&refRID=RXR8HVJF9DJZFCHYN6YC However, it is not compatible after Windows XP
  11. ogdens

    Toast 15

    What did you "Upgrade" Toast 15 too....or did you mean Update?.
  12. ogdens

    Output From Game Capture Hd Pro Problem

    No....Try the different settings to see if they make any difference for you. We know the Roxio is OK because it worked with your other consoles.
  13. ogdens

    Output From Game Capture Hd Pro Problem

    In your PS4 settings, you have to specify the output. Pick an output resolution, something like 720P.
  14. ogdens

    No Audio Recording When Usb Headset Is Plugged In. (Ps4)

    See if this helps..... http://forums.support.roxio.com/topic/120782-solutionrecord-party-chat-and-game-volume-on-the-ps4/
  15. ogdens

    Run Time Error R 6025, Pure Virtual Call

    What Operating System are you using XP/W7/W10 ?. Did you have the unit plugged into your computer before you tried to install ?.
  16. ogdens

    No Sound On Dvd

  17. ogdens

    No Sound On Dvd

    I use a free program called "Jing" by TechSmith https://www.techsmith.com/jing.html.
  18. ogdens

    Bullet Text In Videowave

    Please verify which Creator you have.....Roxio Creator 10 or Roxio Creator 2010? You posted in the Creator 2010 forum, yet you said in the first sentence you have Creator 10 !!!!!!!
  19. Where are your headphones plugged into?. Do you get sound in your speakers?.
  20. ogdens

    How Do I Hook Up A Microphone To The Capture Device?

    You should get a few hits on Youtube, type in "roxio game capture hd pro voice".
  21. It does not come with a manual, just a Getting Started Guide. Did you find the disc?.
  22. ogdens

    Rippling Effect.

    or maybe its just that one old tape, did you try some newer tapes?
  23. ogdens

    Device Sense Error

    Optical drives return error codes (or Sense codes) when something is the matter or just to inform the PC. What are the numbers. It means that Roxio can't "talk" to your burner. Sense codes are NOT software errors - they are drive errors. Here is a common one that we see on here quite often. Sense Key = MEDIUM ERROR Sense Code = 0x73, 0x03
  24. ogdens

    Signal Protected - From An Old Thread I Hijacked

    You forgot to tell us what you have connected to the Roxio unit. Give us some details?