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    Monitor Not Displaying Capture From Roxio Hd Pro

    Hope the splitter works for you .
  2. ogdens

    Monitor Not Displaying Capture From Roxio Hd Pro

    Borrow a DVD Player from a neighbor/relative/co-worker/ or does your computer have a HDMI jack. Then plug that into your Roxio capture card input.
  3. ogdens

    Monitor Not Displaying Capture From Roxio Hd Pro

    As a test, try using another source of HDMI, a DVD/Camcorder/ PC output.
  4. ogdens

    Monitor Not Displaying Capture From Roxio Hd Pro

    In the Switch settings make sure you do not have the TV setting on Automatic. Set it to 720p. Roxio has problems with other (PS4) consoles when they are set to Automatic.
  5. See if anything in here is helpful http://forums.support.roxio.com/topic/122565-nxt-5-pro-sound-editor/?hl=editing
  6. Great news....if you want it to work in Stereo rather than Mono, get back on here and we can tell you what you need. (its cheap)
  7. What is the Make and Model # of your camcorder? Does the camcorder work ok if you plug it into your TV (this is assuming you have the correct jacks on the TV).
  8. It would appear you camcorder is quite old and does not have a Stereo output (Red & White) on it just Mono (White). So just connect the Yellow (Video) and White (Audio). If that works ok then we can show you later how to make it work in Stereo, lets get it going first.
  9. Why are you connecting the Camcorder into the VCR?????, just go directly from it to the Roxio unit.
  10. ogdens

    Using Product With Camcorder - Help

    You posted in the Easy VHS to DVD forum, is this what you have?????? because Easy VHS to DVD 3 Plus is the only W-10 compatible version.
  11. ogdens

    Roxio Nxt 5 Installation

    Try this forum http://forum.corel.com/EN/viewforum.php?f=93
  12. ogdens

    Xbox One Tv Display Glitch

    Make sure you manually set your gaming unit for 720p. You can't let it automatically set the output quality.
  13. ogdens

    Xbox One Tv Display Glitch

    Your Xbox One MUST be set to a specific output. If you leave it to 'Auto' it will seek forever and never make a handshake with Roxio.
  14. ogdens

    Xbox One Tv Display Glitch

    So, we know the Roxio is ok as it works fine using the Xbox 360. It would appear you have a got something set wrong in the Xbox one. Tell us how you have got the Xbox One connected (what cables) to the RGC unit both Input and Output, also what options have you got set in the Xbox one.
  15. ogdens

    Nxt2 Won't Start On Win7

    Another long shot, you could try doing a System Restore to a date before your problems started.
  16. Go here http://shop.roxio.com/store/sonic/html/pbPage.en-returns-cancellations#q3
  17. ogdens

    Pal To Ntsc Region Conversion

    See if this is any help http://forums.support.roxio.com/topic/122294-recording/?hl=ntsc
  18. One more 'test'..... try it on another PC... (software installed first). It would appear your device is at fault.
  19. Do you have anything else around the house that has the Yellow RCA Composite output (DVD or BD Player/Camcorder) in place of the VCR.
  20. Did you try another USB port, preferably one on the back of your computer?.
  21. ogdens

    Odd Problem That Just Randomly Happened Today.

    Did you resolve your problem?.
  22. ogdens

    Roxio Game Capture No Signal

    The red 'no signal' means the RGC device is not receiving a valid signal from your Wiiu Does it work when you connect the Wiiu directly to your TV?.
  23. ogdens

    Roxio Game Capture No Signal

    We need to know what you hooked up to? (console) How you did it?. With what type of cables? Is the no signal Red or Green?. Go here http://www.roxio.com...e/overview.html and scroll down for more info.