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    Will Not Switch To Component Capture!

    What are you connecting to the Roxio capture unit?.
  2. After you re-installed did you see the two Roxio entries in Device Manager?.
  3. Does this light come on when you plug in the USB. If not try another USB port, if you don't have another spare port try another computer (maybe your dads)
  4. Look in your Program Files and verify that you have the program installed?.
  5. Try the first suggestion from Post #2. If that is not possible for you, take your installation disc to a friend/neighbor/co-worker/relatives and copy to a usb flash drive.
  6. Use your old laptop to copy the disc onto a usb flash drive and install from there. OR Download the SP 2.0 service pack it is the whole program. Just download it run it and install your CD Key when asked. Download Service Pack 2.0
  7. With the device plugged in open Device Manager and expand 'other devices' and 'sound video and game controllers. What do you show?.
  8. ogdens

    A Weird Bug I Have With Roxio

    Last Dec 03/16 you said that you had this set up with the 2 Computers,2 Headsets and working fine. So...... it was working ok (even when you turned off your computers) and now you have your sound problem....is this correct?. Also, can you still record the video even though you have no sound on your headsets?.
  9. ogdens

    A Weird Bug I Have With Roxio

    Did your set up ever work OK?.
  10. ogdens

    A Weird Bug I Have With Roxio

    What do you expect when you turn your computers OFF .
  11. ogdens

    Editing Question

    Change your Windows font size to 96 dpi (100%).
  12. ogdens

    Toast Titanium 15 Burn Speed Sucks!

    This is a user forum, there are no Roxio/Corel staff members in these boards You can go here to contact them http://www.corel.com/en/support/?tred=www.corel.com/support/
  13. Did you do what was suggested in post # 2?. What/How are you connected to the capture unit?. Give us as much detail as possible.
  14. ogdens

    Black Screen And No Tv Singal / Tv Turns Off

    "on the front of the roxio it says in stand of going to hdmi it gos to YPBPR" ...... no idea what you mean by this, but it does not matter as the "YPBPR" jacks are not required as the Xbox only uses HDMI. This is how you connect your Xbox 1 The red "No Signal" indicates that the Roxio device is being recognized properly but it is not receiving a signal.. Did you set your Xbox to a specific resolution output as requested many time on here?.
  15. ogdens

    Black Screen And No Tv Singal / Tv Turns Off

    Manually setting the output to 720 or 1080i should override the auto-detect.
  16. ogdens

    Black Screen And No Tv Singal / Tv Turns Off

    Likely you need to change the settings in your Xbox to a specific resolution output and never use Auto Detect.
  17. ogdens

    No Video Signal!

    Try another source, DVD/Camcorder .
  18. ogdens

    No Video Signal!

    Have you verified that the VCR is outputting a good signal. Hook the VCR directly to your TV. If your TV does not have a S-Video connection use a regular Composite cable (Yellow/Red/White).
  19. ogdens

    Questions Before Purchase...

    Does it work if you use the same composite cable from your Camcorder and connect to your TV?
  20. ogdens

    Sound Easy Vhs To Dvd 2008

    What does the error message say?. There is NO updates for Easy VHS to DVD. Is this the Roxio program you are using
  21. Go into your Xbox display settings and manually set it for either 1080i or 720p output (auto-detect doesn't work properly with the RGC HD Pro). Manually setting the output to 720 or 1080 should override the auto-detect.
  22. ogdens

    Easy Vsh To Dvd 3

    Does it play on your computer?.
  23. ogdens

    Vhs To Dvd 3 Plus

    Where did you buy the software? It has to be activated at the Point of Sale, at the check out.
  24. Both your camcorders have analog video outputs. CCD-TRV67 DCR-HC26 Both units should have come supplied with the A/V out cable (do you have them) that plugs into the Roxio unit This may be the easiest way for you to go