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  1. Thank You all for your help! I was reading another post many of you commented on: "Creator 2012 Mydvd Wont Burn To Disc Or Create Iso" and got some good tips there as well. Just before I saw the last couple replies (grandpabruce), I used CCleaner to clean my registry... it was amazing how many new "issues" popped up since the last one I did. I don't know if it was coincidental, but I used it, restarted and tried again and this time it worked. cdanteek - I know not if I have an SSD drive, but it is possible since I have never needed to do a defrag on this system. Sincerely - Nice to know there are people out there that can help :-)
  2. Thanks for responding... Problem 1: Project Settings: DVD-Video, 16:9, NTSC, Play Movie andall remaining movies in project, costrain button aspect ratio, Pre-render menus in preview, and Acoustic alert after buring. This is my default. Also, Fit to Disc and Interlaced. I use "My DVD" to create the production with Menu's in a standard DVD format even though I have HD quality clips... the movie files themselves come from my Sony VIdeo Camera, they are generally 1 min to 3 min clips. I assemble my clips as desired in various "movie segments", but all using "My DVD". When I am done I save it. And I use the "Burn" button at the bottom of the screen to create an iso file. I always create an iso file to be able to test my production before burning to a DVD. AT this point is when I get the "8004520c Error while Encoding Movie 1". I don't always get it. Sometimes I can work around it by just shutting down "My DVD" and then re-opening it. Sometimes I restart the machine and then it works. Sometimes I shut it down and wait a while then come back and it works. Today it doesn't want to work at all. Problem 2: During the assembly of the production... generally while editing, I'll be adding text or clipping a specific video. And it just freezes and gives me that Video Wave Stopped Working error and eventually shuts down the program. As a result I have gotten into the habit of saving quite often. (In the Version of the Software its VideoWave14.) I have been using a Reg Cleaner, an Optimizer, and check for viruses to try and eliminate extraneous issues. I have archived to create additional space on my drive to ensure it has space for temp files, etc. I check to see if it needs Defrag, but it doesn't. If you or anyone else have any tricks they use to get around these issues... please let me know. Thanks Again :-)
  3. Hello All, I have been using Roxio products to create my productions since since 2006. And have upgraded both the software and my laptops numerous times in hopes of finally having a solution that doesn't crashes. I am currently using Creator NXT, there are no new updates. I have a Windows 7 Operating system, which is also up to date. My current laptop config is: Dell - XPS L502X - Intel Core i7-2620M CPU @ 2.70 GHz - 6GB Ram - 64-bit Operating System. I have two issues I have been running from for years: (1) 8004520c Error while Encoding Movie 1 (2) Video Wave Stopped Working The second issue is more of a nuisance and time consuming, but I really think Corel needs to fix it. The first issue, I usually can restart program, restart computer, or completely shutdown - rest - and restart and I can get by it. But not today, nothing I try is working. Anybody have a clue? Sincerely - Aggravated.