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    Restore To Different Location On Backontrack

    I used Advance Backup and backed up a complete auxiliary hard drive (F drive) onto another auxiliary hard drive (E Drive). It was configured as an incremental backup, so that I could perform additional backups when any thing changed on the F drive. The backup worked perfectly, no problem at all. I attempted to restore only an individual file from that backup. When asked, I elected to change the location of the restore. When asked where, I chose "browse", and "Desktop" came up on the screen. I couldn't change that to any other location for the restore. The only option it would give me was "Desktop". My operating system is Microsoft 10 Professional 64 bit.
  2. I am using Roxio BackOnTrack Version 13.5. When I attempt to restore to a different location, I select "Browse", and the only choice I am given is "Desktop", I cannot access any other locations?
  3. What is Creator 2009 Content? This was part 2 of a 2 part download for creator 2009.