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  1. Hey, Whatever happened to 'Cinemagic'?? Is it not a part of NXT pro or am I missing something? That's a shame. I was great to automatically create quick and powerful slideshows. Any answers on where to find in in NXT? Thanks,
  2. cliftonbruce

    Can't Burn Bluray?

    This may or may not work. Complete ALL editing to your project, either in VideoWave or My DVD and save the project. The close out the program. Re-open your project. Then burn your DVD WITHOUT any additional editing. I have found this very helpful as I have been unable to either rip a video file in VideoWave or Burn DVD in My DVD immediately after editing my project. Hope this helps!
  3. I have just recently lost my ability to "Add Transitions" in my Videowave production. Never experienced this before. I happened just after a program crash...Is there a relatively painless solution, other than complete uninstall and re-install?? The only transition is use regularly is 'Dissolve'. Interestingly enough, I can apply Dissolve by "Add Transition Theme' but not individually. Thanks, Clifton
  4. Digital Guru! Thanks for the FAST Reply!! You are the best...I guess I'll be updating Direct X 9.0. T answer you question, the project I.m working on is approx one and one half hours. But I am constantly editing so it will finish at about an hour. Here is a screen cap of the typical error message. I edit HS football games so I import a typoical game (about one hour with 200 video clips). But when I'm done editing, the project will be down to 100 or so panels and 3-5 minutes long. I try to keep all the highlight from a 10 game season in one project so its easlier to pick the best of the best plays for a season ending highlight video.Th Thanks a million
  5. I am using Roxio NXT Pro 2 on an older Vista PC. VideoWave generally just works fine on smaller projects (less than 100 Panels) but I am currently working on a much larger project +/- 2,000 panels, primarily HD video clips imported from my Canon camcorder, .MTS format. It performs OK, (very slow saving and opening the file - which is not to much of a problem). The problem is I crash A LOT, particularly during editing eith with Pan and Zoom Editor and sometimes just trimming. I get an error message something to the effect of Direct X not installled or corrupted, at which time I have to shut down without saving changes and re-open the file. Many time when I re-open the file, it is still in an effor state and I have to hunt down and seach for the panel (or panels) causeing the error - most of the time a video clip where I have added Camera Flashes video effect. My question is: Is this issue a simple update of Direct X, or do I ned to purchase another computer using Windows 8. Windows Vista Home Basic Model: SR 5223WM Processor: AMD Sempron Processor 3600+2.0 GHz Memory (RAM) 894 MB System Type: 32 Bit Operating System
  6. I have recently encountered a seriorus error while using videowave. I have Roxio Creator NXT2 Pro running on a Vista machine. I have a project where I have imported HD video files from my Canon camcorder (.MTS). When I select either one or several panels to copy from one location to another in the same project, I can hear my computer spinning and churning. It takes anywhere from 10 minutes to 45 minutes to copy the selected panels to my clipboard and a similar amount of time to paste the panels in to the desired location, if the program doesn't crash all together. I have been using Videowave since 2008 and NEVER experienced such issues. I have uninstalled the software and re-installed. I have done a system restore back to earlier date and still the issue persists. Also, this issue DOES NOT present itself in any other programs such as Microsoft Word, Excell or anything else. I do not know what is causing this or what to do. Not being able to copy and paste efficently is troublesome to say the least. Any advice on how to remedy the situation?? Thanks,
  7. cliftonbruce

    Nxt2 Output Format.

    This is a great great post. Thanks Digital Guru. I have a similar question as I am new to Roxio NXT 2 Pro as well (I am currently using Creator 13). I have imported HD Video clips from my Canon Camcorder in native .MTS format into VideoWave 16X9 Format. After completion of my project, I want to create two (2) types of discs: Blu-Ray DVD-R and Standard DVD. Questions: 1. Which of the two options will produce the highest quality video: Send the project directly to My DVD using the native .MTS and .MPG formats, or export the project into a Video File and use the exported video file to create the two types of discs. 2. Assuming it is better to export the project into a video file, what type of video file should I export to to create the best possible video quality. For Roxio Creator 13, I have been using the option 'DVD For Best Video Quality'. I really have had little or no success burning Blu Ray Disc using Creator 13 software. Using the above export option, the video quality has been EXTREMELY choppy. Computer system as follows: Windows Vista Basic Home Edition Hewlett-Packard SR5223WM AMD Semptron Processor 3600+ 2.00 GHz 4.00 GB RAM 32-Bit Operating System By the way, I was to by Roxio that I should see improved Video quality using NXT 2 over Creator 13 even with Windows Vista (comparable to Windows 7 and 8), including Blu Ray. I use Verbatim 6X BD-R. Thanks for whatever insight you may have. Clifton Bruce
  8. cliftonbruce

    8004520 Error

    I am having the exact same issue and Code on my My DVD project. It appears if the project is fairly simple (several panels or less) then buring is not an issue. I have defraged my computer and it still does not burn. Roxio Creator 2012 Windows Vista
  9. cliftonbruce

    Videowave Trimmer

    I am having this EXACT SAME problem. What was the result??? HELP!!!
  10. cliftonbruce

    Unsuccessful 3D Burning

    Hello, I was completely unsuccessful with my first attempt to burn a 3D video project in Creator 2011 Pro My DVD. Below are my steps. 1. Opened My DVD, and selected 3D output. 2. I imported (or converted) a 2D (MPEG-2) project into 3D. By the way, it took about 8 hours to convert a 15 minute movie. It was painful! 3. Once the project read successful conversion to 3D, I proceeded to burn my disc. 4. The window said disc successfuly created. However upon playback, the screen had two identical images (i presume one left and one right) on the screen, albeit 'squeezed'. (I noticed the two images on the preview pane during burning but I thought it was just a preview). Terrible end result! Any help out there!!! Thanks, Clifton
  11. I'd like to preface this discussion by stating my Roxio software is operating just fine. However, I was recently in the process of exporting a video file and the standard window came up asking do I want to save the file before exporting or not. I hit 'save'. During the save process, the power at my home went out just briefly...but long enough to shut down my computer. When I logged back on and opened VideoWave, I tried to re-open my video file but I get an error message something to the effect of 'Videowave not able to load the video file. The data may be corrupt' ect...So I have in effect lost about 6 weeks of work. My question is 'Is there a backup file or temporary file that I can retrieve and save as a dmsm file up to the most recent change. If so, where can I find this file? I really do not want to re-create all this work all over. Thanks, Clifton