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    Question on menus

    Thank you very much for the info. I think I'll go for MyDVD, as I won't be paying for features I'll never use.
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    Question on menus

    I had a Dell Dimension PC about 4 years old (machine is dead), that had a Roxio program that I would like to purchase. It would let me take 3-8 or more AVI/DIVX/MPEG video files from my hard drive and burn it to a dvd. The key feature is that it would create a menu with a chapter for each file. Sort of a compliation disk. When I loaded the disk in my DVD player, I could click on different menu buttons to select whick of the several clips on the disk I wanted to watch. What Roxio program will do this,without all the fancy features I don't need? I don't need to add a soundtrack, edit, do any overlays, or anything fancy.