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    Certificate file

    I see that all of my information has been deleted!!! That's so funny... I thought that this forum was to help people that was having problems with EMC software... however, it seems that when you tell the truth about us being "beta testers" and here comes EMC 9!!! I still hven't found a resolution for both versions (7.0, 7.5 upgrade which was running great, and 8.0). I needed the information that was on the post that was deleted and now I'm back at zero!!! It's serious to me when I spend moneys expecting to receive a working product. I've woked as Quality Control for over 20 years and by profession I should have the right voice the truth!!! #$^@ right I'm mad and upset!!! I've played your game for about 10 months and still waiting for this software to run right! Oh yeah... I will run right out and get the latest version EMC 9 and add more to my happiness with this software!!! I guess this will be deleted as well!!! The truth does hurt!!!
  2. I had many posts that I would reflect back to while dealing with these EMC's, not to mention that I'm waiting for tech support to reply. To delete my posts was just wrong... It was called "install... uninnstall... install... uninstall... install" and it had many useful information within it!!! Was it something I said?
  3. drdewalt

    Can't find Creator_exe file

    Hey John, I've been here before!!! Go here: http://forums.support.roxio.com/index.php?showtopic=6062 and you will find a fix! Be blessed!!!
  4. drdewalt


    Larry... Is there an advantage for having a dual boot on your PC? I was thinking of doing that... I also was thinking that SP2 would be my next step to try with my issues... [http://forums.support.roxio.com/index.php?showtopic=6062] ...just wandering! Billy Boy... You should list your PC information... that way it would minimize the questons when someone reads your post!!! Be blessed!
  5. drdewalt

    Video Wave

    Grandpabruce... I have old eyes as well and it looks ok to me!!! LOL Should I make them larger? ...anything to make you happy... you've paid your dues in this forum!!! Be blessed!
  6. drdewalt

    emc 8 install problems

    I don't know how far you got with the posts but it would better your chances if you would include your PC information. You should go by here and get some pointers: http://forums.support.roxio.com/index.php?...c=6062&st=0 Be blessed...
  7. drdewalt

    Video Wave

    Is this the Box version or the downloaded version? Did you install the Content CD? I did read that there was a difference in using the Content CD with the box version. I know that you get more templates after installing the Content CD... after the reboot of course... you might drop by here and look at some of these proposals: http://forums.support.roxio.com/index.php?...c=6062&st=0 Be Blessed!
  8. drdewalt

    Keeps reinstalling

    Hello Tate... You might want to read the posts here: http://forums.support.roxio.com/index.php?showtopic=6062 , it will give you some ideas on how to resolve your issue... keep reading the post here and you will find a fix. I'm past that issue and waiting for a fix for my issue! Good Luck!!!
  9. Stop by here and you might get other ideas as to what to do next! http://forums.support.roxio.com/index.php?showtopic=6062 Good Luck...
  10. Jamie... Do you have any Virus Software or Spywhere runnng while installing EMC 8? There were no mention in your post after your install... also, was this a restore from a resource CD or from Windows XP "Home or Professional"?
  11. drdewalt

    Certificate file

    You should stop by here and fine a fix for your issue as well I had to go the whole nine yards. http://forums.support.roxio.com/index.php?showtopic=6062, here lies some great ideas for other issues as well! However, be patient... Be blessed!
  12. Hey Chas, I started out with the same problem... go here: http://forums.support.roxio.com/index.php?showtopic=6062 and read the posts and you will get a fix for your issue. There lies some great information. If that is all you have to deal with, you should be good to go! Be blessed!
  13. : Look at the posts that were given to me: http://forums.support.roxio.com/index.php?showtopic=6062 I feel your pain... I'm sitll having issues but I was abe to un-install and get it back to the point of installing the CD Key. However, I'm having other issues but at least it will get you back to ground zero! Good Luck! Dennis,