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  1. Well, I downloaded imgburn, and I managed to burn 1 dvd successfully. The second DVD I tried to burn turned into a coaster. I'm getting frustrated...
  2. OK, I got the video saved as an ISO file... Also, I switched to the software setting.
  3. OK, I updated everything... even the video card. I'm using Memorex +RW discs Now, I'm getting this error message when trying to burn a dvd: An unrecoverable device error occurred. Error while Encoding Movie 1 An unrecoverable device error occurred. Error while Encoding Movie 1 Could it be from the update?
  4. Verbatim? OK, it would be great if it's as simple as that. I'll pick some up and try again. Thanks!
  5. Actually, I just tried to watch one of the discs that wouldn't play right on the DVD player. I stuck it in the Computer and it wouldn't play right, but it was not as bad compared to the DVD player. Don't know if that helps.
  6. Well, I'm using MAXELL DVD +R discs. DVD players... They're not that old. Sanyo, Sony's. 3 or 4 years maybe... I bought the program off the shelf, so that shouldn't be an issue. I will try again with ant-virus off. I have tons of space and the HD has been Defragged. Regarding Videowave. Yes, I have assembled and edited with VW, used my dvd to burn. I will try again and repost.
  7. I'm having a problem burning dvd's. I'm using VIDEO LAB MY DVD 10, I have Windows Vista, I have a very good video card (G-force FX 5700). The problems I'm having are: Video stops, or slows down a lot during transitions. Main menu background does not show up on the DVD, sub menu does... The last dvd I tried to burn, the main menu slowed so bad, I almost couldn't watch the movie Cannot burn onto a dvd at times, wasted a few dvd's already. I get an error when trying to finalize a disk, preventing me from finalizing. (Been doing everyhting with video wave) Been editing and burning in High quality, don't know if that makes a difference. Been using DVD +R Note, dvd playback has been fine on the PC. I'm unable to play them on a regular DVD player. I like the product, I just need some help here. Please show me the error of my ways. Thanks! Andy