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  1. I realized most problems of frame dropping arise from the intensive cpu use during capture, so I was wondering if it wouldn't be easy to implement a "non-compression" capture mode? I'm sure a lot of users here would benefit from such option?? You see, sometimes we have a LOT of Hard Drive space available but not enough processor power to compress realtime, and we would be happy to spend some 50 gigabytes to capture non-compressed DV video. We can always encode it later using our preferred software, being sure no frame would be dropped... If it's not so difficult to implement, I think it would be a great addition. Just my 2 cents.
  2. potiguar

    Problems with 1.0.3

    With the new version 1.0.3, My capture stops completely after 50 seconds. Audio still comes through the capture window, but video is not updated anymore. after some time I stopped recording and found that the produced file contained only the initial 50 seconds of video. Switched back to 1.0.2 and apparently everything is better now. Just one thing, the "duration" seems to be always wrong in the capture video window. It shows 0:08 and never updates, although the number of MB keeps growing. So is like: Duration: 0:08 (391.5MB) then Duration: 0:08 (393.3MB) and so on... **EDIT: Actually, it's not ok. Several frames are being dropped and by the end of the video, the audio is completely out-of-sync. Any chance of making this thing actually work guys?