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    Toast 7 not responding and will not Force Quit.

    Many thanks Tsantee. That worked. I take your point about old versions, must be more careful in future. Maybe an upgrade is due. Thanks again for you quick assistance.
  2. Hi, I am using Toast 7 to write CDR's to my new LaCie external drive with Lightscribe. I have a CDR stuck in that drive. Toast 7 is not responding so I cannot use software eject. Toast7 will not even Force Quit! I have tried to send an email to Customer Support but when I put in my email and password I get this error message: The request failed with the error message: -- <html><head><title>Object moved</title></head><body> <h2>Object moved to <a href="%2fAUTHENTICATION%2f500.html%3faspxerrorpath%3d%2fauthentication%2fauthsvc.asmx">here</a>.</h2> </body></html> But I can still get into Roxio's MyAccount. Any ideas anyone please? I know that I can phone Technical Support in US, but I'm in Italy so it's going to be very expensive!