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    10.0.2 problems burning blu-ray

    ok so i left it on and it eventually started going.. the encode is taking forever, though! about 20% in 12 hours. anyway that was ok until my computer froze and needed a restart 83% through !@#$%^&*. (i paused a few times to go to class and such). anyway is there anything i can do to make this go faster? should i encode the video in a different program (handbrake, cause visualhub doesn't support 5.1)? the file size is about 20 gb with 48000 kbps video and 5.1 sound. i have perian installed, but not flip4mac. i mean 48000 hz
  2. raffster2

    10.0.2 problems burning blu-ray

    hi i'm using toast titanium 10.0.2 with my macbook pro (one before unibody). I have the 8600m gs videocard with 4gb of ram and a 2.6 core two duo processor. When i try to burn an mkv file to a blu-ray disc using my lg ggw-h20l (connected through esata, recognized), toast hangs on 'waiting', and will not pass that phase. i'm using a ritek 25gb bd-r that is recognized by toast as a blank bd-r disc. does anyone have any suggestions on why this is happening?