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    Why Upgrade from PhotoShow 5?

    I choose not to believe that my friend. Users have the most control over what is being sold to them. I've contacted ROXIO through their SUPPORT and got no reply. Sent copies to other departments.. nothing. So I figured I'd voice my opinion here. Maybe other USERS will voice their concerns and ROXIO will Clean Up Their UPGRADE OFFER.
  2. I've been a customer from my very first "PhootShow 3". I've purchased every Upgrade that has come along up to PhotoShow 5 Delux. I have evrything you mentioned in your UPGRADE.. currently on sale for $29.00 There's not much you're offering in this minor upgrade. PLUS your terms/conditions and your NEW SALES POLICY of Charging my Credit Card for the next "Automatic Upgrade" at "Whatever Price You Decide To Charge" and Whenever you decide to offer it leaves me a bit dumfounded as to why I would want to agree to such a contract. Why not keep as you had it. Offer a True Upgrade without mentioning everything we already have.. like Burning our own DVD and CDs. And the products most of us already have from you such as Captions and Music. And most of all, why not leave the decision of buying your next Upgrade to the Customer "ME". If you can't make this Upgrade you're offering now for $29.00 attractive enough to buy, what would make me feel that I'd be interested in the next Upgrade. Think about it would you? Snookkiller