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  1. I'm using NXT 6 Pro sound editor on audio clips from digitized 78 rpm records and I'm having problems with exporting some of the audio clips. On some clips, the volume is maximized. On others, it's not. Anyone got any suggestions for resolving this? It's pretty annoying after doing a lot of cleanup on the files. Geo
  2. clowesga

    Advanced Option not available in MYDVD in NXT 6

    Oh, OK, I see the convention now.To me. it's placed like an informational button rather than an optional jump-to button, since I'm used to Premiere Elements clearly telling me which mode i"m currently in. Seems confusing to a new user. But thanks for the quick response to clear it up for me..
  3. clowesga

    Advanced Option not available in MYDVD in NXT 6

    Here's what I see after clicking on MYDVD, then on the DVD image, then to OK, the project, and then on the Magic Mode button. The program has saved my project and wants to send me back to Magic Mode -- but I'm already in Magic Mode and so I click on cancel - why would I want to go back to where I already am? I'm just trying to get in Advanced Mode, which never shows up as an option.
  4. I'm using NXT Pro 6 and just want to burn a DVD. However, when I open MYDVD and select DVD, the next page puts me into Magic Mode, with no way to get into the Advanced Mode. I thought I would have a DVD burned by now but the program doesn't work as documented. What's the story here? I'm using Windows 10.
  5. I took the product back to the store and they gave me my money back. I reported it was defective. I did not do an exchange because I decided to cut my losses as far as Roxio Easy VHS to DVD was concerned. After all, the replacement device could have been defective, too, given my luck (see below). I followed up on your question about the Firewire link to my camcorder, which I have used extensively to read and write tapes to and from my computer. I found the camcorder had an analog-digital conversion option, where I could take in analog signals from my VCR, convert them to DV in the camera, and then send them via the Firewire to my computer. Oh boy, how simple! After about a couple of hours, I finally got the VHS video playing on my laptop, via the Firewire cable and my Elura 100 camcorder, plus an analog input cable (supplied by Canon) from the Elura to my VCR . However, this is as far as the "analog-digital conversion" goes since Roxio Videowave refuses to capture the composite video signal, as does VAIO Movie Maker. The problem comes from having no tape in the camcorder -- that makes both programs think they have nothing to record, despite the fact that they already are playing the video signal from the camcorder! Why not put in a tape to fool the program? I did, and it does fool the program -- into doing the wrong thing. Videowave then simply records what's on the tape in the camcorder, not the analog signal coming in from the VCR. Sadly, after searching the forums, I found this particular capture problem is not a new problem: http://forums.support.roxio.com/topic/34354-cannot-import-video-from-vhs-throug-digital-camcorder/page__p__183010__hl__capture+elura__fromsearch__1#entry183010 Even sadder, after 2 1/2 years, Roxio still hasn't yet fixed the problem [it IS fixable]. If you or anyone else has a solution, I'd appreciate hearing it. George
  6. It would be easier to troubleshoot if some troubleshooting instructions were provided. I bought this device to save myself some time but so far it has been a time consumer. I captured some samples of camcorder footage through the USB device and the resulting captured footage was somewhat hotter than the original captured through an IEEE 1394 device on my older desktop. Although in this case the difference in video quality between the digital capture vs the analog capture was not as dramatic as with the capture from VHS tape, the difference was definitely noticeable when frame grabs were compared. Since I'm only interested in using the Roxio device to capture from VHS tapes, this capture from a camcorder just confirms that the Roxio device I have is defective. I'll get it back to the store.
  7. I'm having a couple of problems with Roxio Easy VHS to DVD (REV2D): I just bought and installed Roxio Easy VHS to DVD, Build 201B23A, VHS (or ENU). I am running REV2D on a year-old Sony laptop running Windows 7 Professional with 4 GB of memory, a 350 GB hard drive, and Intel Duo-Core T6600 CPUs. 1. The video recordings from VHS tapes using REV2D are "hot" (too bright) and there appears to be no way to adjust this. The resulting videos are not very useful to me since the added brightness washes away the detail. Is there any way of adjusting or cooling the capture settings? The original VHS tapes are NOT "hot" when I play them on my TV or when I capture them to my desktop computer using Sony's Click_to_DVD program. I have used the Sony program for several years to capture analog video to my computer with no problems once the inputs were configured properly. I 2. When I try to exit REV2D, the program asks, "Are you sure you want to close REV2D? If Yes, the project will not be saved." However, if I respond with "No," there is no option anywhere to save a project, only an Export option. Yet I get this message even after I have exported the captured file to my computer. But if I respond with "Yes," the program apparently doesn't do a normal exit since Windows then pops up and says "REV2D has stopped working." I then have to click again to get out of that dialogue. What does it take to save a project (since Save isn't an option under the File menu)and to avoiid this silly two-step exit? Hope someone can help. Life's too short to spend it on getting "Easy" programs to work properly. For example, there's no documentation provided with the program, only installation instructions. George
  8. clowesga

    Pan And Zoom Editor - Advanced

    I agree with your comments. 1: Roxann's responses are just not germane to the query, regardless of whether you input a query containing just one word (like "zoom") or multiple words like "advanced pan and zoom"). 2: What manual? -- My CD package was shipped without one. 3: Roxio seems quite unresponsive to this serious user issue -- not being able to access the OK/Save button in the dialog box for Advanced Pan and Zoom. Many users have changed the screen resolution/DPI so they read what's on the screen without squinting and/or getting up real close. It's a cop-out to tell these users to change their screen settings because of the shortcomings of EMC8. It's half a year since the first post on this issue and Roxio has offered no fix or update to resolve the problem [or another serious problem also raised six months ago, where the Organize module changes all your photo and video file creation dates without any warning]. 4: However, this discussion group is very helpful in explaining to users how/why their problems have arisen because of software redesign problems with the EMC8 package.
  9. I was afraid that was the case, but thanks for the confirmation. I have uninstalled the Media Manager segment of EMC8 and plan to reload (from backup media) all the files that Media Manager changed. I don't plan on using EMC8 again, except for audio files and file backups. I'm sorry to have to drop the use of the program since -- until this Media Manager incident -- I'd been a very satisfied Roxio user for many years. This is a very helpful discussion group.
  10. Thanks. That suggestion is very helpful and should permanently disable the Media Manager while leaving the other program components intact -- if I decide ever to use EMC 8 again. Does anyone have an easy fix/program for restoring the creation dates and archive bits on the thousands of media files that Media Manager corrupted on my hard drive?
  11. I also just discovered to my dismay that Media Manager in EMC8 -- without informing the user, or asking permission -- changes the creation dates of all jpg, gif, TIF, mpg, and avi files when it scans your hard drive. It also changes the archive bit. Since this destroys critical/useful/valuable information on your hard drive, this change is not only an unprofessional action, it also is malicious. However, from the posts I have read, it appears Roxio has been unresponsive to the issue and has neither produced an update to stop this unwanted action permanently nor has offered any software fix for restoring the corrupted files to their original state and creation date. The msconfig fix is not a permanent fix, nor is turning off the Watch function. Does anyone have a way to fix this permanently without uninstalling EMC8 and returning to EMC 7.5? I do not relish the prospect of having to reload all my jpg, gif, TIF, mpg, and avi files from backup media.