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  1. I agree with toastee, for safety, file should not be split. That being said, i have split accross 3 bd-rs with large file sizes. I usually check them with roxio restore right away as this is a long process with 3 bdrs. I know I have used disc recovery with success, but cannot recall if it was a spanned disc or dvd-video.
  2. domer1

    Multiple Mts Files To One Larger File

    Highlight the 4 clips and click edit, merge clips. I have used many time with great success.
  3. domer1

    Disc Fails To Play On Standard Blu-Ray Player

    I would suggest that you watch your tone when seeking help. Toastee has been a great help to many frustrated users. The boxed retail version have always had a disclaimer that Toast does not copy protected material and I am sure this is on the digital download route as well. If one knows the right workflow, many commercial dvd/ blu-rays can be backed up using Toast. I could PM with the workflow, but I won't. You can search google to find the info, and remember to be nicer to people in the future to people trying to help.
  4. domer1

    Stuck On "writing Lead-Out"

    I generally have only spanned 3 bd-r data with success. I have not spanned any bd-dl, but have had great success burning bd-dl with Optical Quantum and Phillips. Avg cost $3.50 to $4.50/disc. I know that Toast 11 supports the bd-xl, but those are way too high.
  5. domer1

    Conversion Only Does First 30 Seconds

    You need the Flip4Mac $49 Studio or $179 Studio Pro HD to export clips longer than 30 sec. I have not used either, so I can't recommend. http://www.telestream.net/flip4mac/overview.html
  6. domer1

    Need Toast 8.5

    Here is the link from the New Zealand site. http://www.roxio.com/enz/support/toast/software_updates.html Hope this helps.
  7. domer1

    Cant Seem To Copy Mkv File To Dvd To Make It Work

    I am sorry, the company smartlabs no longer supports. The last stable version was for 10.5.8. I wish you the best of luck.
  8. domer1

    Cant Seem To Copy Mkv File To Dvd To Make It Work

    You can use the open source program tsmuxer with your mkv file to select whatever audio file is available. You can create a blu ray file structure and burn with toast. This advice is only for non commercial blu rays.
  9. domer1

    Multiplexing Issue

    Thanks for the suggestion on Rember. Ram passed with no errors. Trashed 10.09. Reinstalled. 10.0 burned all my videos no matter the length without any errors or lockups. I will test on a variety of projects. I believe I was able to burn BDMV folders under 10.09.
  10. domer1

    Multiplexing Issue

    Thank Toastee I write the files to an external firewire drive with plenty of space to spare. 2GB RAM never needed more. 07 macbook with 4GB but only 3gb available, so I just make do. I have burned on average 12-20 football blurays from 2hrs 10m to 3hrs without a problem. I also used MPEG Streamclip to demux the mpg file to an m2v and ac3 files. and dragged them into toast. I was happy when it completed the toast image file without error. But my happiness was shortlived as the verbatim bd-re had a medium error. I then erased the bd-re and burned a data file without error. It is really strange that when I split into 1st half & 2nd half and burn to 2 bd-re without any problems. I just tried a 2hr 43 m eyetv file that was burned 2 years ago. I get the same lockup. I also forgot to mention that I trash my plist and prefs in between each attempt. I only have my toast 10 install. so no other versions to test on. I May have to revert back to 10.0.
  11. domer1

    Multiplexing Issue

    Running 10.5.8 Toast 10.9. I have been using my eyetv hybrid for 5 years to record tv shows, football and have successfully burned blurays. I use the eyetv editor to remove commercials. I was trying to burn a bluray with the following specs 1280x720 59.94 bit rate 9.97 5.1dd. 15.81gb 3 hrs 30 min/ I did not edit anything. Workflow 1. Media browser. eyetv, select title. 2. drag image on background. 3. settings are mpeg-4 avc,custom, aver bit 8, max 16, half pel, never re-encode. 4. I always save as disk image. As always, since eyetv files are mpeg-2. It will immediately multiplex, fill ram, then write, lead-out. That is not happening. It will progress 100% through the multiplexing, then immediately show 0% multiplexing and hang, I try to force quit, but to no avail. I have to power down. my other attempts include the following. 1. Setting video format to mpeg-2- Same result. 2. Export program stream from eye-tv - Same result. 3. Edit commercials out 2hr 30 min 11.8gb- Same result. 4. MPEG Streamclip using prev.- no time code breaks 5. Split #3 into 2 clips 5.23gb&6.26 burned seperately- burned successfully. 6. Dragged both clips into toast- same result as 1-4 7. tried #3 no title- same result. Any suggestions?
  12. domer1

    Avchd Archive Using Dl Media

    I am racking my brain. I know I used this in the past to archive avchd files off my Sony HRD-SR11 camcorder. I have the files saved on my hard drive and are still on the camcorder. I have used verbatim dvd+r dl 2.4 speed, kodak dvd+r dl 8x, and now sony dvd+r dl 2.4. Here is my workflow. 1) dub selected clips from sony hdd to memory pro duo 8gb card. 2) open toast and click on avchd archive. select avchd from drop down. 3) select dvd dl 4) record button 5) burn speed 2x. Drives used, Apple Superdrive, LG BH08LS20. It will burn to 100%, lead out, and then it will start to verify, but only stays at 0% and then fails sector 0. It will not play on my panasonic bd60 player. I am able to archive on dvd-r, and bd-r, bd-re will no problems. Any suggestions would be appeciated. Running 10.5.8 toast 10.9. I also dot this error when I deleted toast and tried 10.0.
  13. domer1

    Ts Folder Burning Problem

    I upgraded to 10.0.9. I tried burning Video-TS folder by using video tab, dragging file into. I get the same straight to lead out. I also used the data, udf . This burns as a data file and won't play in my set-top dvd player. My panasonic bd player does not support UDF.
  14. domer1

    Ts Folder Burning Problem

    I I am not sure if this is toast related or hardware related. II am running 10.5.8 and Toast 10.0. using LG BH08LS20 BD Burner. I am trying to burn a single video TS folder to DVD. All are home movies from a dvd recorder. All of these are less than 4gb. When I click red button to burn, it goes straight to lead out. I can burn cds & BDs of all sizes without any problem. I have used dvd-r,+r rw to no avail. I am able to burn on my superdrive without any problems. The external drive can read the dvd. Any suggestion will be appreciated.
  15. domer1

    How Does It Work

    If the blu-ray in question is a commercial blu-ray. No Toast product can play. In Toast 10, any BD made with toast can be played by opening the BDMV , stream folder and clicking on the mts file. Toast Video Player will play. You will have no menu control. I believe Toast 11 does give you menu control on all toast created BD. There are products out there that circumvent the AACS, but we are not allowed to discuss on this forum.