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  1. I would appreciate it if some of the "experts" would pass on that information about how to capture to the hard drive. No one has mention that before? I been using Plug & Burn and it only gives me a choice of D drive. Would very much like to burn to the hard drive if I knew how. Maybe you are thinking about the my older notebook computer. Roxio wouldn't work on it for it didn't have enough memory. Roxio has put out false info about requirements to run their program. Our newest notebook has plenty memory and 127 GB free hard drive, the computer is only 2 months old and it has made 9 good DVD's. There was a problem with my old TV DVD player for it wouldn't play DVD's made with Roxio. So I purchased a new player. That took care of the problem until last night I burn 3 DVD's that had errors that I listed. Then I burn another DVD and it plays? I made no changes in what I was doing. Maybe if I could capture to the hard drive I would have a better success rate in burning DVD's. My 8 year old Dell desktop desktop doesn't have a DVD drive. I plan to buy a new desktop when Windows releases their new system. Thanks for you help. OK.. I've found where to capture to the hard drive. So I'll try that.
  2. I wasn't aware that I could have been saving them to the HD? I've made 8 successful DVD's but now I have another BIG problem with Easy VHS to DVD! My last 3 DVD's have been a total failure. I get this same error when I finish. I was doing everything exactly as I did when things went right. I rebooted the computer after each failure. Seems I may have bragged on this software too quick?
  3. Yes, all worked ok for capture, burning to DVD and playing on my new player. But I also would like to copy to a MPG file. I don't get the option to 'Save As' when using WMP to play a DVD. Is it possible to save as a MPG file from a DVD?
  4. Yes Jim, your suggestions have solved my problem. Amazon had sent me free shipping to return Easy Roxio for refund but won't be using it now, thanks to you. Sure wasn't due to Roxio support for it is next to none. I would still like to be able to capture some of my VHS to MPG files. That is why I was asking about WMM.
  5. Bought a new player. Needed a new one anyway for my HDTV. The DVD plays great!!! Wife has also been telling me that was the problem.
  6. Another dumb question. Jim, I been trying to use WMM but mine shows only the top tool bar that starts with 'File'? Your screen shot shows 2 toolbars. I went to 'View' but didn't see anyway to open the bar with 'Task'? I'm not able to find anything about capture in WMM. Even in help it only gives the definition. I would like to use it to capture and save part of a capture to my computer as a file. My WMM is version 11.06001.7007 I now see you posted about my player. I'll use your suggestion and go to Best Buy for a test.
  7. Made in our only PC that Roxio works. Plays in either PC. Screen shot:
  8. The Verbatim brand gave me the very same results as my "cheap" brand. I had a hunch that would happen.
  9. Thank you, much appreciated.
  10. Ok, I'm hearing you now. So what are the best brands in case I don't find Verbatim local?
  11. I had forgot... I received a home made DVD last week from an old Air Force buddy. It also worked in my Samsung. So you are saying the only way to get "Easy" Roxio to work is buy a Verbatim player? Not that I'll be buying one but I searched for a Verbatim DVD player and found none. Found DVD's.
  12. Back when I bought the Samsung DVD player it was for bought movies. Has worked great for that purpose. Also have played home made DVD's that my daughter made. Tried making another DVD. SP-2 has fixed the capture shutdown problem but DVD still doesn't play in my player?
  13. Jim, Since you are 64 I fully understand you. I should have know what WMM stood for, since I use it quite often. I installed SP-2. This time I "Set Capture Length". For last night it was continually stopping after recording 5 minutes. All went well, the DVD plays in both our computers but still does not play in our TV DVD player? So what now?
  14. I did not understand what you mean by WMM? I was not distorting your words nor did I mean it that way. Sometimes this 74 year old's witting is not clear, sorry that I upset you, sure didn't mean it. I tied different USB ports yesterday. Only have 2 ports, none in the back for it's a laptop. I'm only using the cable that came with Roxio, I plug direct into the player. Before I read your last post, I installed it on wife's new laptop. Hers has Vista, 2.4 GHz, 3 GB memory. All went well with installation and it only took about 20 minutes. But it never asked to update the driver as it did when I installed it on mine? Started the Capture but after a few minutes it stopped recording and I got this message.. "Signal Protected"?. I then would have to start recording again. Tried it several times but same happen. I finalized the DVD and tried it in the computer. It played OK, then tried it on my TV DVD player... got message "this DVD can't be viewed"? Any suggestions about Signal Protected and why the DVD doesn't work in my player?
  15. Jim, I went to your instructions...I have the Easy vhs to dvd manual... it looks the same? I've never had a problem hooking it up to the VHS player. Maybe I missed the point but I don't see anything different than what I been doing? Is this saying NOT use Easy vhs to dvd? I'm going to try uninstall and if it doesn't work after that I'm returning for refund. If you ask me, this software is a complete joke. Roxio should raise the requirements if it's necessary for the software to work. Not try to fool people in buying their product.