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  1. I tried Roxio PhotoSuite editor but it also was not able to deal with these particular png files. I was able to convert them using paint shop pro. Thanks for helping me resolve this issue.
  2. None of my pictures are stored on a network, they are all stored on my PC's internal hard drive. The file types are: jpg & png. The pictures I am attempting to add to the slideshow creator are .jpg files created with my cannon camera, and some of them are png files copied from a facebook link on a website. I'm glad you asked that question. It turns out that my problem only occurs when I attempt to add the .png pictures copied from the facebook link. As far as I'm concerned my problem is resolved, but I would be interested in your comment. By the way, I tried Edit Video-Advanced (Video Wave) and got the same result.
  3. I'm running Roxio Creator NXT 2, ver., & media Manager ver. When I add pictures (any picture file format) to a Slideshow an hourglass icon is displayed instead of the image's thumbnail. It should be noted that when I browse to the picture folders to make my photo selection, the proper thumbnails are displayed. And also, in the NXT2 video editor the thumbnails display ok. My operating system is Windows 7 and I do not have any other problem displaying image thumbnails in the windows explorer. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
  4. eazydr

    Creator 2009 - CinePlayer 5.0 Issue

    Thanks Dave. Thats a project. I decided to live without CinePlayer, and use my time for something more important to me. But I will remove the old Sonic DVD software. Thanks again and God Bless you.
  5. eazydr

    Creator 2009 - CinePlayer 5.0 Issue

    Thanks Jim. I am going to remove the old Sonic program and do the Clean Install of roxio creator 2009. By the way, I assume a "Clean Install" means to uninstall the software first, than installing it again. Is this the right procedure? Thanks for the reply Dave. "Play Movies" is definately not on my menu. The only way I can run CinePlayer is to manualy run the CinePayer.exe.
  6. eazydr

    Creator 2009 - CinePlayer 5.0 Issue

    Thanks Jim. Re: My roxio creator 2009, ultimate menu, the "Enjoy" catagory is present with links to "Browse & Manage, and "Share Video", but "Show Video" does not appear. Other video software on my PC are: Windows Media Player Ver.11, Real Player Ver 11.0.6, Sonic MyDVD (a DVD creator software). This is interesting. I can play DVD's on Windows Media Player & Real Player. But since I installed roxio creator 2009, they both have an anomaly when playing, i.e. after the DVD is placed in the CD player I have to Click STOP and than the PLAY button to view all DVD's.
  7. eazydr

    Creator 2009 - CinePlayer 5.0 Issue

    Thanks. Sorry for the blank reply. SP4 is installed. I have "Roxio Creator 2009 Ultimate, ver. 1.1.110 SP4; 4.50.05a. installed. My video caar is: ATI, Vision Tec Radeon 9600. The driver is current.
  8. I recentled installed roxio creator 2009 and experienced 2 issues: 1. The Roxio creator main menu/Video-Movies does not have a link to "Play or Watch movie" . Note: CinePlayer 5.0 Build 505B41B is installed in my PC but I need to run it manually from windows explorer. 2. When I play a DVD with CinePlayer, the video is OK, but the audio is broken up, and eventually, it crashes and I get this message: "CinePlayer encountered a problem and needs to close". I tried various DVD's (including one created by roxio creator) and always get the same result. Regarding my PC: Dell Dim 8200, 2GB memory, and clean storage. I'm running Windows XP with SP3. I can view all DVD's via Microsoft Media Player 11 without problems. I would appreciate any suggestions.