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  1. Have a question..... I've added a 32 sec wav file to a DVD menu to replace the background audio. At 20 seconds, the program clips it and repeats from the beginning. Has anybody added background audio that is longer than 20 seconds?? What format did you use?? Thanks
  2. Hi, I'm using MyDVD 9 to make a 8.5GB DVD with 3 - 1 hour shows. I create the menu and link each show. I also created chapters automatically for each show every 3.5 minutes. During the preview, everything is fine. However, once the dvd is created, the links in the menu are getting messed up. The link for show 1 goes to show 1, chapter 1 (like it should), the link for show 2 goes to show 2 but chapter 2 (not chapter 1) and the link for show 3 goes to show 3 chapter 3 (not chapter 1) Any ideas how to fix this???? BTW, I have the program create an iso so I can burn copies. Thanks