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  1. I am trying to record to DVD a movie which is on my hard drive, using My DVD. I click DVD then menu, Remove menu audio,and then Add movie.there are no buttons in the menu which were added automatically. The movie appears in the box of the menu. When I press the Preview arrow all I see is a "menu" which plays over and over. How do I get the movie?
  2. I am new to Creator. I have been told that the movie keeps playing over and over without a menu but I don't know the steps to take in creating a menu and have it without sound. In MY DVD when I previewed my project, all I got was the menu-no movie.
  3. emschott

    Creating Or Burning

    1. I have Roxio Creator 2010 2. What is the difference netween No Menu and Menu? I am making a DVD from a clip recorded by TiVo. I just want to record the clip to DVD in its present form.
  4. emschott

    Creating Or Burning

    Recently I was forced to buy a new computer since the old one died. My former computer had an XP ooerating system and the new one operates Windows 7 Home premium. I had Creator 10 software purchased in Oct. 2010 which tested compatible with Windows 7 so I insialled it. I have several DVD's that I have edited in Videowave and burned in My DVD with no menus. I also burned a disc image or iso and burned from that. In every case the DVD I created is looping and playing over and over. How can I stop this?
  5. emschott

    legacy software installed on my computer

    Thanks Larry. I'll try one DL DVD and see.
  6. I would like to burn dual layer dvd's. Which software would you recommend that is not complicated?