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  1. I always shoot in HD 1980x1080, AVCHD. When I start a production I sometimes forget to click on 16:9 so when it comes time to "Export As" I am left with no way to output to a HD video file. Is there a way of making 16:9 the default setting for all productions?
  2. Zoberist

    "export As" In Roxio Videowave

    Jim: It worked great. I was able to select AVCHD 1980 x 1080, 24 fps which is a great setting for sending "stuff" to YouTube. I just have to remember to always select 16:9 when setting yo a production since I always shoot in HD. This begs another question. If memory serves me correctly there was a way to set as a default, all new productions to 16:9. Do you recall how to do that? Best Regards and thank you again Tom
  3. Zoberist

    "export As" In Roxio Videowave

    Thank you both very very much !!!!! Tom
  4. I am a long time Roxio user. I shoot with a Canon VIXIA HF S10 1980 x 1080 AVCHD and use Roxio VideoWave to select my *.mts files. When I have completed putting the files together in the storyline, I click to "Export As" and expect to see some number of 1980 x 1080 AVCHD options. (The Make Movie file dialog box appears, displaying options for the type of files you can output to) All I see are 720 X 480 options. This makes no sense. This is really just been since the last upgrade. The same video file in Creator 2010 which gave me the choise of creating a 1980 x 1080 options when I clicked on "export as" file, MP4 is limiting my choices to AVC best 720 X 480. What has changed? Step five: Output your production You can output your production in different ways, depending on what you want to do with it. To output your production in one of many formats: 1 Choose Output > Export As. You are prompted to save your production. 2 Click Yes, specify a file name, and click Save. The Make Movie dialog box appears, displaying options for the type of files you can output to
  5. Zoberist

    Adding Video Effects

    karri and sknis: Thank you both very much for your responses. I have found a way to accomplish this. Using Roxio Creator 11 and Roxio VideoWave (Edit Video Advanced) I created a "Text Overlay" with a large capital "O" and made it white. At the start of each video segment I placed it over the player which I wish to highlight. Then I used the production editor "Timeline" at the bottom of the page to hold it there just for the start of the play. It takes a little bit of work but it comes out OK. I can also create the same effect using YouTube using annotations and captions which is where I am putting the video. This takes more time.
  6. Zoberist

    Adding Video Effects

    I use ROXIO 2011 to process high definition video of High School Football Games. Each football play is separate video shot and appears as a separate box in a storyline with a start time and end end time. Typically there are about 145 of these video clips per game, each about 30 seconds in duration. The video is shot with 1280 x 1920 HD. When I load these into ROXIO VideoWave I can add Text Effects, Overlays, Video Effects and Transitions. What I want to be able to do is to, for each clip, identify a single player by overlaying a small white circle or some other unique identification for some adjustable length of time. Can I use ROXIO to do this?
  7. Walt: Good suggestion. I will try it. I convert to WMV HD so I can upload to youtube as well which will now accept 1280 x 720 and recommends it
  8. Steve: I ran a test with 90 clips and that does not work either.
  9. Steve: Thank you very much for this valuable information. I am making a movie disc. In the process of burning myDVD asks you if you would like to burn as a single movie or multiple moves. I am burning as a single movie so I only have 1 Chapter. myDVD is connecting the chapters into one. I will run two experiments. The first with about 90 clips and the secon with 100. I only have about 30 minutes of video Max for all 117 clips combined. Are there release notes for Creator 2010 Pro that spell out what the error messages are and what do they mean? Someone at Roxio or some subcontractor who wrote this code knows what will invoke the specific error message and can tell us in 10 seconds what is causing it.
  10. Sir: I am using Roxio Creator 2010 Pro Version 1.2.193; Build: 121B93A, R04; 500B22A, RO4. I have taken a video of a football game consisting of 117 movie clips. I have converted the HD output from a Canon VIXIA HF S10 (*.mts files) to Microsoft Windows Media Video HD using "copy and convert video" (WMV HD 1080). This worked fine and converted the clips into *.wmv files. I then attempted to burn these 117 movie clips on to a DVD using myDVD. The total space required for the movie clips was only abou 2.7 Gbytes, much less than the 4.7 Gbytes available. When I attempted to do this, and I repeated three times after rebooting, I got the following error message "8004520c ERROR WHILE ENCODING MOVIE 1". I then ran two experiments. First I attempted to run again, starting with the same beginning file by itself. This ran fine. Then I attempted to run again but only encoding 10 clips (movies) but also starting with the same beginning clip. This again also worked fine. Is this a bug or is there an upper limit to the number of Video Clips (Movies) that I can burn onto a DVD using myDVD? I have used this same process to burn DVDs for our coaches just last week and everything worked fine. The only difference was the number of movies. What does this specific eror message tell you? I have had a similar problem with myDVD in the past but using a different encoding scheme, but getting the same error message.
  11. Problem Solved I was running Vista Home Premium sp1. Each time I power up, Windows starts out OK but then generates starts messages about Windows Installer. The messages are: Please wait while windows configures Tray-App Please wait while windows configures Roxio this and Roxio that Please wait while windows configures Status When you try and do anything in Roxio, the messages come at you again. "Please wait while windows configures Roxio this and Roxio that" These messages keep flashing for about 7-8 minutes and the suddenly disappear. If you attempt to do anything in Roxio, you get a wide assortment of error messages. I was simply trying to create a DVD. "add movie operation failed 80040154", etc. Then when I try to close down Vista I get a message saying that a program called "Status" is stopping my system from closing down due to a problem with Windows Installer. The account that I was using is an "Administrative Account" so I assumed there would be no issues with the install. But actually Vista wants you to not install as an administrator. The problem was UAC - User Access Control. I turned off User Access Control and the messages went away and I was back to burning DVD's and playing back HD video. You can do "clean installs" until the cows come home and it will not help this problem. I can now do clean installs in my sleep. Also note that the directions for doing a clean install with 2010 should be changed because the files that need to be deleted are in a different location. One final note - It is worthwhile to look at "Event Viewer" to see what problems exist. I saw that there was also some conflict between "NERO" and Roxio so I removed NERO but it did not impact this problem. The problem I had is extremely common and is not the fault of Roxio but it sure looked that way. Roxio technical support should publish something on it.
  12. I tried to do the repair route and it did not work.
  13. I have installed Roxio 2010 (from dvd) after having used 2009 for a few months. I did a "clean install" on Windows Vista SP1. When I start Roxio 2010 I keep getting "Please wait while windows configures Roxio Creator 2010 Pro" "Gathering required information" This popup continues unabated, closing out and re-emerging trying to configure other Roxio components as well. I have seen this problem on the web. It is definitely not Windows Installer Service since it only occurred with Roxio. Any idea's?
  14. Zoberist

    Why do you need Firewire?

    Thank you all for responding to my email with your great comments. I have a Canon VIXIA HF S10 and it comes with a built-in USB miniport and an HDMI port and had 32 Gbytes of internal memory. Installing the Canon software driver makes it automatically recognizable by my PC (Dell XPS 730 Game Computer). It easily downloaded my short HD 1 Gbyte video in .mts to the PC. With Roxio Creator 9 I was able to create a "standard definition" DVD. Roxio first converted the "*.mts" into "*.mp". It did not give me a choice of any other format. It makes sense that the Firewire is needed for tape but I have never heard that it was required for miniDVD or flash memory and got nervous reading the box of my newly purchased Creator 2010. As an aside there appears to be a lot of one shot software out there which will convert "*.mts" files into almost any other file type, like "*.mpeg4". I did not see this with Roxio. Thank you all again.
  15. I have been using Roxio Creator 2009 and have just purchased Roxio Creator 2010 Pro. I also have a High Definition Camera which I just purchased. For video Capture the Creator 2010 box says I need a "Firewire" card. That was not a requirement for Creator 2009. Can I use a USB 2.0 like with Creator 2009? Roxio was fine with a digital camera connected to a USB port with Creator 2009. Why do I now need "Firewire"