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    Editing Tivo Files In Videowave

    I just posted a similar response on another thread, but reading this I am now sure. With Creator v9, Videowave would sometimes hangup editing my Tivo files, but I could usually keep rebooting, retrying (stopping processes, whatever it took), and eventually it would edit the Tivo files "like butter". Creator 2009 and Videowave 11 on the otherhand cannot at all process the native Tivo files, I have tried on two "blown" systems. I have looked for a dedicated Videowave 11/Tivo thread and have not found one, going to start one unless someone has a better idea. currently Windows RC 7 64bit Core i7 920 quad, hyperthreading, 8 effective cpus' 6G Triple channel EVGA GVX-260 superclock Dual Seagate 500.12 Raid 0
  2. mkdigitalguy

    Editing tivo files verrrrrrrrrry slow

    DG, I have read your material on here before and you are well referenced here as well. I too have this same issue now, its seems to be Creator 2009 realated as I did not have nearly this much trouble with v9. Its all about editing Tivo files in Videowave 11. Very interesting how the link you posted mentions editing but does not discuss it at all, rather burning straight to DVD and coverting to ipod. Acts like a bug, is a bug. Would love to read more about this. I just upgraded my system from very good to very best and still have the same issue running Videowave 11 on both. I thought possilby that the first time Roxio on the virgin system (Windows 7 64 bit) would make a difference, it did not. Vista Ultimatte 32bit had the same problem doing anything but playing Tivo files in VW11. You all are going to see me on here a lot now as I have too much invested to not get this to rock. Going to look in another thread to ask about what I believe is a new DRM restriction limiting Standard Definintion Tivo file conversion and, I have to double check, DVD creation, to 320x240 bit. )::