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    WTF - Toast Crashes non-stop !

    Hi - Thanks for your reply and i am glad to know that i am all alone with this problem i did get a lame response from the tech team / mainly stating there are too many emails to respond to - and they will address this situation. Of course - nothing else and No Solution. HOPEFULLY someone on their tech team is trying to resolve this problem - and not simply counting their cash from the suckers who have upgraded and been loyal to their product. Cross our fingers... In the meantime - anyone else know of another product to use? I am primarily interested in the CrossFade aspect of toast.
  2. johninparis

    WTF - Toast Crashes non-stop !

    I sent this the makers of TOAST - just wanted to know if other users were encountering these types of problems... Thanks for your feedback/ comments / moral support... **** I am a long time Roxio Toast user. And I have been using Toast Titanium v10.0.9 for a long time (with much success and happiness). My primary use is creating AUDIO CD’s - and most importantly using the CUSTOM CROSSFADE. During the first COVID lockdown in France, I decided to treat myself with an upgrade to Toast 18.3.1 Titanium in April 2020. But since the onset of using this upgrade- I have been having ALOT of problems - mostly regarding the AUDIO CD aspect of your product. … here is my list of problems I have encountered… When i first try to start making a new Audio CD - I ‘DROP n DRAG’ my files into the playlist - However, Toast does not ‘respond’ and all i have is the spinning rainbow beach ball. And i need to ForceQuit Toast… After LOTS of patience and repetitive ‘DROPnDRAG’ … AND …. when I DO succeed to put a new mp3 or AIF file into the playlist - I have a pop-up telling me that the FORMAT is not a type of format supported and is rejected by Toast. And again - after LOTS of patience and insistance somehow Toast ‘accepts’ these files…. not sure what the glitch or problem is. When I finally get to a point of actually starting to work on my CD - I use the CUSTOM CROSSFADE of two audio tracks. Again, another problem - the track does not want to play and stays ‘frozen’. i cannot listen to the cross mix i have made. When I ZOOM in on the CROSSFADE - it stays frozen, meaning - no playback. So i blindly click ‘OK’ - hoping that the mix works. Once i have Finally gotten to a point of successfully making a CROSSMIX - and i SAVE my file - Toast does not save the file. So i need to ‘trick’ Toast and add another track to force Toast into saving my file / project. Even in the simple interface, the tracks won’t play. I need to quit Toast and reopen to have feedback. While making a CUSTOM crossfade - the actual DISC SPACE does not readjust in real time - again, i need to trick Toast During the playback (while i listen to the mix/crossfade i have made, there are a lot of ‘sound glitches’ such as pops and skipping…. not sure how to explain it, but the audio feedback is not ‘clean’. At first, i thought it was the audio MP3 file itself, but i double and triple checked, and it is coming from TOAST. After SAVING my file - there is a PopUp warning : ARE YOU SURE YOU WANT TO EMPTY ROXIO CONVERTED ITEMS… Is there not some kind of Default Selection to NEVER NEVER EVER EMPTY the folder? (i accidentally hit the EMPTY button - and now ALL my AUDIO CDs are gone and need to be redone). ALL of these things are frustrating and time consuming. Especially when Toast is not responding and i need to reboot (force quit) and i have lost my work. All that to say … is that I started to prepare my list of problems I have been encountering to ask you, What are your solutions to my problems? then MAC changed their OS to MACOS Big Sur 11. And I also saw that you have issued the new TOAST 19. So I thought - Hummm , OK - MAYBE the developers of Toast have fixed their problems/glithches …. And I decided to upgrade to TOAST19. I bought the upgrade / download - and settled into a night of making a new CD. I simply added my tracks and wanted to do a CUSTOM CROSSFADE - And once I started to use the CUSTOM CROSSFADE - BAM ! ! ! WTF ???? I cannot believe it ! Toast simply QUIT ! Send report to Apple ? Yes ! but SERIOUSLY ?! what is the problem?! Unless you have a solution to this problem… I want to be refunded for the upgrade to Toast19.
  3. johninparis

    toast 18 crashes under big sur.....

    hey ! just wanted you to know you are not the only one having problems with Toast19 and MACOS Big Sur ( I was already having problems with T18 and Catalina) ... You are not Alone in your frustration :-)