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  1. I reinstalled Creator NXT and the installation went admirably...no hitches this time. I opened a project and still see only 6 menu styles. There was nothing about Content during the installation...I just followed the prompts and let it happen. Roxio Creator NXT now appears on the Control Panel and I think everything downloaded as far as I can tell...but still only 6 menu styles. Any clues? I'm completely stumped. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance!

  2. I uninstalled CreatorNXT (I don't have "Pro") and reinstalled it today to see if I could get to the Content part. I thought it downloaded just fine and I got a screen with 3 items listed. I clicked on the one marked "content" and got an error message. I checked programs and Roxio is not listed...so I am downloading one more time. I bought this program to download so do not have a CD.When/if I get the screen with the 3 items listed, what do I do then? I hate being so ignorant but I'm at a loss. Thanks for any more help you can provide.

  3. I'm never sure where to ask my Roxio questions. If I'm in the wrong place, please redirect me. I just downloaded Roxio Creator NXT, having just uninstalled Roxio Creator 9 Ultimate. I see there are only 6 Menu Styles in NXT, whereas Creator 9 Ultimate had many more. I can't seem to find more...have I overlooked something? If not, is there someplace where I can find or download more Menu Styles?

  4. I want to thank you both so much for all your suggestions! I wanted you to know that in my frustration with this issue, I removed the problematic slideshow with the Pan/Zoom issues from the DVD menu. I then re-downloaded it and all is now well. I really appreciate your taking the time and making the effort to help me. I apologize for not following the correct question format and ask that you forgive me and the maybe remove my thread or maybe even move it to the proper place. Just wanted you to know that all is well and how much I appreciate you. Wishing you a great holiday season. JP

  5. First of all the 2 slideshows are 2 sub menus on 1 main menu. Both submenu slideshow pics were taken with the same camera (Fuji) which I've used for a few years and never change the settings (I'm so boring) and it takes pics that have 4000x3000 pixels. The pic example with no black bars are the same as the pic example with the black bars (I've checked that already). I have already done the cropping work before loading into Roxio. So I think the problem lies elsewhere.


    On the Main Preview window (storyboard) the black bars do not appear until after I enter/exit Pan Zoom Editor...then it depends on where I put the zoom rectangles...if I'm not careful the black bars then appear on the main preview screen (storyboard)


    I'll try adding a "bad" pic to the "good" slideshow and see if it changes. Will let you know asap.


    Many thanks again!

  6. I checked the project properties and it's set at 4:3. (I was unaware of the 16:9 option...and I probably won't be using that anyway)I am trying to use Pan/Zoom to move around as in the pic w/o black bars. The pic with black bars is the way it comes up when I click onto Pan Zoom Editor. The rectangles will still move around but it's difficult, I have to adjust both screens (Start:End) before anything happens at all...and the black bars then show up on the Storyboard The pic w/o the black bars is the way it comes up when I hit Pan Zoom Editor...this is what I want it to look like...again. The black bars have just shown up on the 2nd slideshow. Pls note that both slideshows are part of the same project. I'm at a complete loss. Will definitely appreciate any/all help you can give me! JP

  7. Thanks for your help! I viewed the link you sent. Here is the issue. The first slideshow on this DVD has everything working perfectly. The second slideshow has a troublesome Pan Zoom Editor. On slideshow #1 the Pan/Zoom screen shows the pic as a full screen with the zoom bars different sizes and ready to be moved around per the drop down box. On slideshow #2, the Pan/Zoom screen shows the pic with 2 black side bars and the zoom bars are the same size and difficult to move about. The drop down box list has only marginal movements on any of the types (Zoom in, Zoom out, pan only, etc). I tend to think there is something amiss in a setting somewhere but I can't find it.

    I will try to attach a screen to show you what I'm seeing.


    Many thanks for your time, help, and patience. JP

  8. When I purchased this pc Roxio Creater 9 "Premier" had been installed at the factory, but immediately I upgraded to Roxio Creator 9 "Ultimate"...at least that's how it appears in my All Programs list. As I recall "Premier" was missing a lot of features I was used to using but "Ultimate" had them...and I paid extra for it of course..it wasn't cheap either.

  9. Thank you for your guidance! I didn't know where to ask the question...couldn't seem to find the right place. Can you tell me where I should be asking questions..and how? Fortunately for me, I haven't had to visit this site in a very long time.


    I am using Roxio Creater 9 Ultimate (I know it's old and I want to update but after I finish this DVD) using "Create DVD - Advanced". Is this the info you request?


    I will appreciate any help you can give me!



  10. I am in the middle of creating a DVD. In the first section (slideshow) I finished all was working properly as always. I have been doing this for years. When I began the 2nd section (slideshow) on the same DVD project I see the photos have a black bar on either side when I go to Pan Zoom Editor. I don't see how to remove them and look at the entire pic w/o the bar. Also the Pan/Zoom editor is not working as before...both the start and the finish are the same size! This is on the same DVD project. I have explored "Preset" (where it usually is), "Advanced", various sites on the i'net to no avail. Can anyone direct me how to reset this function as it originally was set? Thanks in advance! JP

  11. Using Roxio Creator 2009 Ultimate, I am working on a MYDVD project and cannot locate the complete list of text effects. When I open Effects Selector I see a pretty short list. For instance under "Fly In" is it not possilble to drill down deeper to find more specific "fly in" options such as "fly in left" or fly in right"?


    I accidentally hit something last week which opened a list in which I saw these other options but I simply cannot find it now. Please help me if you can. Thanks!